Thursday, August 10, 2017

University final project: All Saints Homeware

My honors projects proved the most intense semester of my time at University. Making and advertising a whole homeware collection for All Saints seemed a great idea at the time but little did I know how stressful and how many different things I'd actually need to do for this project. Creating the patterns, creating the products, visual merchandising, adverts, social media, event ideas and 2 look books to produce all by myself in a 2/3 month schedule made me, to say the least, rushed off my size 5.5 narrow feet. Yes I felt like I couldn't finish it, yes I felt like dropping out of uni and being a sales assistant for the rest of my years, and yes I was completely and utterly a stress head who bit your head off if you even dared to say hi to me.

Was it worth it? 100%. I know I can do anything if I put my whole hearted efforts into it, so here's to the job search. Clink Clink.

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  1. The collection/marketing looks really cool! I bet you're relieved to have finished though haha. Good luck with the job search x
    Freya’s Chapter