Thursday, August 10, 2017

University final project: All Saints Homeware

My honors projects proved the most intense semester of my time at University. Making and advertising a whole homeware collection for All Saints seemed a great idea at the time but little did I know how stressful and how many different things I'd actually need to do for this project. Creating the patterns, creating the products, visual merchandising, adverts, social media, event ideas and 2 look books to produce all by myself in a 2/3 month schedule made me, to say the least, rushed off my size 5.5 narrow feet. Yes I felt like I couldn't finish it, yes I felt like dropping out of uni and being a sales assistant for the rest of my years, and yes I was completely and utterly a stress head who bit your head off if you even dared to say hi to me.

Was it worth it? 100%. I know I can do anything if I put my whole hearted efforts into it, so here's to the job search. Clink Clink.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

University Project: Vivienne Westwood Homeware

Number one, a big fat hello!!! I'm sorry I've not been posting recently. University third year life struck me hard and blogging was kind of pushed to the side. After a stressful year and a well deserved break in the sun I'm back and giving my blog a new spin. Number two, since I've been away so long here's some of the work I produced in my third year. 

Here's a mini project with the theme of Britishness. I decided to create a homeware collection for Vivienne Westwood inspired by the beautiful British countryside and heritage interiors. This was shown through the use of tartan (a keen favourite of Westwood's) as well as nettles, bees and animal skull motifs (all packed with sting to suit Westwood's punk USP) Products were handmade and photographed for a magazine insert. 

Ps: I graduated and got a 2:1 in Fashion Communication. (Worth the blog break)