Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Paris Fashion Week S/S 17


Heads up. Jacquemus certainly made heads turn for this collection as each one of the models showcased the most magnificent and massive headwear probably recorded this Paris Fashion Week. In fact, if there was a sudden gust of wind I'm sure those pieces of headwear would morph into some kind of frisbee. It wasn't only the headgear that was taking it large for s/s 17 as many of the garments involved a heavy upper body shape involving wide shoulders the 80s Diva's would be extremely jealous of. With all this focus on the shaping Jacquemus kept it clean and simple with the colour palette favouring monochrome and other neutral shades. One thing is for sure, you won't be wearing those hats for our British summers with the amount of wind and rain we still receive in the warmer months. Save that accessory for the holidays abroad yes?


As delicate as fairies, models glided down the runway for the Rochas S/S 17 collection looking as innocent as a daisy. The high usage of sheer and voile materials gave the whole collection a very soft and cutesy look, yet the punch of the mustard and emerald colour choices gave the collection a bit of a mix up. Something about this style reminds you instantly of Molly Goddard's collections with her signature use of sheer fabrics that is practically her brand image now, however Rochas took it up a step using bolder colour choices and staying well away from the pastel palettes, even though pastels are a keen favourite for s/s. Preferably I find emerald one of the most forgiving and elegant colours to wear and it honestly deserves more recognition than it doesn't seem to get. #BringBackEmerald

 Ann Demeulemeester

It's very, very tempting to pull one of those lapels gracefully floating against Demeulemeester's garments to actually test if you end up ravelling and twisting out uncontrollably until the whole garment is hanging in a pile at the bottom of your feet. There's that many strings, ribbons and lapels tied, twisted and tightened in this collection that I'm sure it's worthy of the world recored. The rest of the collection stayed very tailored with monochrome colour palettes, white crisp shirts and smart blazers. Although all most definitely taking a back seat with deconstructed styles that makes you wonder how on earth that shirt is still sitting evenly on her shoulders. I don't know how but I want to know immediately. Demeulemeester masterclass anybody?

 Giambattista Valli

We all know the trend for underwear is now becoming outwear with nightdress like garments making their way into the night clubs and even the red carpets. But what if you wore a bra over your shirt? What if you opened all the buttons to reveal whats underneath? Is that going a little too far? Some could say yes, but if mastered correctly this trend could be a real hit next summer. We've already accepted that the Calvin Klein matching set has been acceptable to wear (JUST THE TOP HALF GIRLS) out on the clubs or when it's piping hot in the summertime so isn't this just a more lacey racey version? Matched with lace details on the skirts and sheer materials this collect by Valli is certainly very sexy indeed. Huge knickers are sexy now-deal with it. Fellow Bridget Jones enthusiasts and girls who probably feel she's in some way part of their lifestyle would be applauding in unison at this look.

Veronique Branquinho

Beauty and elegance in one collection sums up Branquiho's s/s 17 collection. Instead of the classic white and black combination of the very British looking school girl vibe this collection took on beige for a very vintage feel. Something about this collection screams class and instantly transports you back to the 1920s with the hand glove accessory details and scraped back hairstyles. The layering of the skirts and dresses have been taken to a whole new level making it school girl with a new twist. Don't get me wrong you don't want to look supper innocent and resemble a complete child so taking a part of this collection such as the shoes and sock combination or the choker tie detail and partnering them up with a more clingy dress to show your curves is the perfect look for the summer. 

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