Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Milan Fashion Week S/S 17


Prada and Gucci now have similar traits. They both involve the nostalgia and elegance of past fashion, yet mix things up with new shapes and partnering accessories that you just wouldn't dream of putting together yourself. Gucci has always been about colour and expression and by means of this S/S 17 collection the colour is quite honestly bouncing off the walls with several warm shade being paraded down the runway. The colour palette has been a wise and well thought out process as from first look you instantly feel the warmth from the reds and mustards, feel the nostalgia from the burnt out browns and yellows and feel the elegance and grace from the rich emeralds. Matching all this colour with ruffles, ties and embroidered floral appliqué really does make the whole collection scream MY NANNY WOULD LOVE THIS. (That's a great thing, but yes, I understand you don't want to be on borrowing clothes duty with your Nan) Match these garments with contemporary shoes and accessories just to make you realise you've not actually travelled from the past.

 Luisa Beccaria

It's blue, it's indigo, it's lavender. Well, obviously it's got to be Luisa Beccaria. Known for her use of soft blue and purple tones, Beccaria has yet again created a beautiful collection based around this colour palette. There's something about this collection that instantly transports you away to a secluded flower garden on a full blue sky summer's day, with only the slight tickle of a breeze giving the dresses that elegance of movement. The amount of detailing in all the designs is so precise you can tell its taken a lot of hard work to get this collection looking as chic and graceful as it does on the runway. What's even more fun about this collection is the type of dresses she creates are all extremely different. Prefer a low V neck? Or rather a collar fastened right up to the top button? They're all included, so take your pick.


What's that furry purple thing with ears hanging off your bag? Oh this old thing, it's only a cute little keyring I picked up at the side of the till (said 70% of women this year as the whole craze for a fuzzy little pet on the side of your handbag cuddled the nation). Turns out that fuzzy little friend has now made it onto our clothing as well, as Prada created many of their garments to include the feathery texture. To be honest we can't say we didn't see it coming, as the fur and fuzz by popular demand has made it onto many of our footwear choices. Whether that be a pair of laid back trainers or a luxurious pair of court shoe heels, it can suit whatever, wherever. Prada's collection teamed up collared necks with crop tops, layering in new and unique ways that all seems to actually look amazing. Their feathered focus was mainly on the necklines and cuffs of garments as well as huge long scarves to swish and swash down the runway.

 Aquilano. Rimondi

Tailored style has taken a much needed step back this fashion week, as mostly all designers gave tailored style a new and improved laid back approach. Yes, you've got cotton shirts, but who says they need to be fastened to the top? Who says that skirt can't have a slit that goes all the way up to the inner thighs? And who the fuck says you can't wear a crop top with the belt showing on top of your tailored trousers. Yes tailored style is good, especially for the office, but now tailored style has made its way into our every day casual wear it got a little too stiff and formal. This fashion week the designers like Rimondi have given us the graceful reminder that once in a while it's okay to have fun and bring a little more sass and sex to the tailored attire. Personally that crop top partnered with tailored pants is a winner!

Antonio Marras

Try to put yourself in Marras shoes. Picture yourself designing a collection thats got to be the best of the best, the newest of the new and the chicest of the chic. But so many choices of materials? Where do we go from here? Use them all of course! Why make yourself limited to a choice of only a few materials when you can have the best of both worlds and include them all. Obviously this is EXACTLY what Marras was thinking, and probably awarded himself with a well earned drink afterwards. Since the designs have so much material Marras patchwork the pieces to create deconstructed and busy styles giving much needed life and texture to the garments. There's something unique about it that makes it seem so casual yet at the same time structured and polished from the long dresses and coats. I can already see that patchworks denims and blues are going to be a big thing next summer.

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