Friday, September 16, 2016

Winter Prep in September? You can never be too early

Now that the summer months are unfortunately coming to an end one thing we've got to look forward to is the festive season. Yes, of course that means wind, rain and the occasional thunderstorms (It's Britain after all) but doesn't that thought of the dark evenings by 3 O'clock, the matching pair of gloves and hats and the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing Christmas is just around the corner make it all worth it?

Now that Halloween is only a few weeks away it's a definite that the Christmas panic will set in. The shops will have Michael Bubble on repeat and all the gifting will start piling up in all stores like an obstacle race. Gifting is obviously the most important and hectic list you'll be making these next few months (if not already) but what about the list to achieve the cosiness and warmth of a festive decorated room? I'm already hugely into my interior design so whenever christmas comes along it's certainly time to experiment more than anything else. No other time of year is it more acceptable to hang fairy lights left, right and centre for the most beautiful looking Christmas interiors.

Over the last few years interior design has taken a step into the natural elements. The materials we have often taken for granted are now taking the limelight in all interiors right now. Think marbles, woods and even fibres like rope. This winter is all about the dark colour palettes of natural woods mixed with uplighting tones of whites and rose golds in the accessories. For inspiration look up lodges and log cabins for the perfect take on dark woods and those oh so festive log fire places. Remember those bins you would use to hide the wood at the side of the fire? Well no longer, as chopped firewood stacked at the side of your fireplace has never looked more cool. You might think all this dark wood mixed with white could feel a little chilly? Problem solution: line the room with animal like fake fur rugs, cosy blankets draped over statement chairs and blaze the room with candles in geometric holders for a modern edgy feel.

You're sorted. The rooms are perfect. There's nothing out there to stop you from having the most beautiful Christmas interiors ever seen. Or is that all too good to be true? Of course it is. SAY HELLO TO THE MOST UNWELCOME VISITOR FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON THAT IS THE CHRISTMAS CARD. Let's face it, we hate slaving away to write them and when we do receive them we find ourselves on edge as to where to display them without making the room look horribly tatty and a total nightmare!

For the best Christmas cards that people would actually want to display in their homes look at Paperless Post. Hand on heart there is a Christmas card here to suit every home whether it be colourful and retro, to simple and clean. Their new Christmas collection is out on the website now so why not take a look and pick your favourites before someone else does? It makes much more sense to buy a card someone would actually feel privileged to place on their mantlepiece rather than counting down the days until it can be flung into the recycle bin. Beautiful cards tell a story, tell your personality and tell someone how much you care. You'll find if you follow this rule your card most definitely won't end up in the recycle bin, but treasured in a draw to discover on a later date.

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