Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer Lovin'

Ditsy Florals

After a cancelled flight and many problems along the way we finally hit Albufeira Portugal. Let the summer outfits I've so desperately been counting down to wear begin.

It's a cliche, it's predictable, but summer couldn't be without a floral print surely? Pair up a plain top and huge floral patterned shorts and you've got the perfect subtle combination. Add tie up details for extra style points.

All In White

It's not for the faint hearted. A) You mustn't be anywhere near your monthly, B) You certainly can't be wearing white when you're questioning whether it will get dirty or not, and C) There is a thing of wearing too much white you resemble a child on halloween with a converted bed sheet over their head. 
Sounds pretty scary yes, but white really does make you stand out from the crowd and completes the perfect summer look to make you feel extra fresh and show off your tanned pins.

Bare Shoulders

This S/S trends have all been about the off the shoulder tops. Lets face it, they're everywhere we look at the moment. You can't walk into a shop, down the street or even turn on the TV without seeing someone wearing one of these styled tops. There's something attractive about showing your shoulders and collar bones that boosts your whole moral and confidence in an outfit. Suddenly that basic plain camel skirt looks 100% more Instagram worthy now partnered with the soft shape of the top.

The Dark Side

As mentioned before florals are a must when it comes to summer outfits. Don't settle for the typical summer dress stapled with flowers, try something a bit more zingy to contradict with the whole print. Wearing a playsuit with the very unusual choice of a black and dark colours really bumps up the summer vibes in a different way. If people could describe florals in one word it would most likely be girly, add a darker colour however, now what have you got? Dramatic, moody and down right sexy.

Clean and Simple = Beach Body Winning

Beach body ready? No, I'm not even talking about your figure, more importantly I'm talking about what you're going to be strutting down the beach flaunting. Yes, we'd all like to shed a few pounds before hitting the waves but seriously, if that bikini choice isn't up to scratch then you're making it harder for yourself. Personally my all time favourite colours to wear for bikini's are monochrome. (If you read my blog a lot or know my style then you're probably thinking that was a very obvious choice since monochrome might as well be my middle name). Having a bikini that keeps it simple lets your figure and tan do the talking rather than there being a fancy pattern glaring in your face. Sometimes you've just got to think less is more, quite literally sicne you're basically wearing glorified underwear that's sea friendly.

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