Friday, August 19, 2016

Road Trip Playlist

A big thing I treasure most in my life, but often really take for granted, is my car. We as a nation love our cars, bathing and washing them until they're in such prestige condition they could look like they've just rolled up out of the show room (aka car catwalk). One of the great moments in life is sitting smug in your car on a summers day with the windows rolled down, the sunnies on your head and an amazing playlist banging out the windows whilst you pitty the pedestrians having to actually use their legs and their intended purpose. For definite it will make everyone jealous, but of course people will also wish they were on the road trip with you.

Singing to yourself in the car (when you can really test your X Factor skills) is one thing, until you realise people are probably looking at you embarrassingly in their rear view mirrors so you silently and awkwardly return to looking as normal as possible. Yet there's something much more acceptable and fun about singing with a whole car of people whether it be to some Soul classics or upbeat Indie Rock, it's friend bonding time in it's full glory. Turo, the car renting company, could bring this friend bonding time to a whole new level allowing you to meet new friends, and most importantly listen to new playlists for the road. 

Turo allows you to list your own car on their website as well as having the choice to rent someone else's around any area you're in. This is such a handy and reliable service that not only makes life easier to plan a road trip, but also makes you realise how many good people there are in society who will allow you to share their car and most importantly their road trip playlist.

For more information on Turo please follow the link below

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist 

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