Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tying the knot

(First and foremost I would like to apologise on how much of a break I've taken from blogging! I'm back now with some new posts on fashion of course, but you'll be seeing a little bit more of my newer interest such as interior design).

If one thing the S/S 16 catwalks taught us is that tying the knot (not literally) was going to be a very very big trend for the summer, and of course, now it is summer all the high street and designer stores are selling the majority of garments with some kind of ruffle, tie or bow. Good thing is that these trends have morphed their way into the A/W 16/17 wardrobe as well as summer's so there's no need to pry whether: A) If splashing out on a blouse just because it has a pretty bow on it is worth it. B) If this a just another one hit wonder trend that's going to disappear quickly but leave a heavy mark on your bank balance, and C) JUST GET THE BLOUSE LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!

Androgynous styles and tomboy looks have been dominating the catwalks for the past few years and yes, it has made an impact to women's tailoring and power dressing (I wear this trend repetitively) but there's something nostalgic and girly about wearing an adorable dress with a Victorian-style tie on it that you can twirl around in and still feel relieved that you're on trend and not just stuck in your childhood memories. 9 times out of 10 you wear something with either a bow, tie or knot on it you'll feel instantly more girly and feminine, and who's to say there's anything wrong with that? Make the most of this trend whilst you still can before its back to skinny jeans, boots and oversized coat weather. Trust me winter will come by very quick.

Designers from Gucci, Erdem, Joseph and Milly are huge fans of knots and ties according to their S/S 16 collections. Gucci's whole campaign has been remastered into a nostalgic and retro representative of the brand. Some might say a risk, but would a fashion brand ever get anywhere in the market if they didn't take any risks? The campaign has gladly been a success with the whole look of Gucci transformed into a brand that remembers the great part about fashion is to have fun and mix and match different colours, textures and shapes. One of their biggest staples this season is mixing pussybow blouses, pie crust necks and ties all together for a feminine and vintage feel. Thanks to Gucci it's never been more acceptable to tie a huge black bow around your neck and still feel right on trend.

Personally, I don't like to go too overboard with the colours. Monochrome is such an easy combination to make and usually ends up being the most successful. Let the shape of the ties and bows do the talking and your outfit will be S/S 16 ready. Some of you new to this may be thinking it's looking a little bit too technical, am I right? Like where is the simple place your head into the hole of the neckline and hey presto there's an outfit? Yes, it's a little more cats cradle tying an knotting your garments, but just give yourself an extra few minutes in the morning and I think you'll live. When it comes to the ties and where to place them it's really up to you, experiment and let your mind go wild. Perhaps tie it as a sash? Simply around the waistline? Choker it around your neckline? Or place it around your collar? The rest is surely all down to you and how you prefer to wear it. Have fun!

But don't get too tangled up please...