Thursday, March 24, 2016

Take up the attitude of your shoe-drobe and believe in diversity.

Every girl is guilty of a gigantic shoe collection. In fact, in many cases it’s that severe a whole diagnosis should be prescribed. It’s a prize collection a girl can treasure for the rest of her life, you become totally engrossed and surrounded by a whole army of different shoes that you’ll never have to part with (if you take care of them, spit and shine them constantly and cradle them in your arms). This shoe army however isn’t like any ordinary testosterone filled camouflage army. Every shoe is different, fresh and unique to it’s own and surely that’s the correct way to have it.

Gracefully posed is the petite super skinny spaghetti strap pair. The one to please all the media and fashion shows, but not always the one with the most personality. They’ve certainly got the look but after one event they’re usually tossed to the back  and replaced.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll come across one of your favourites, the block heeled shoe, that not only looks the part but is perfect for the night and day with the thicker curves and bulky lines. Style factor certainly does come in bigger sizes from this season.

One to watch shoes that make you wonder why on earth you bought them in the first place and have no idea where or how to even wear them, are often the most memorable. You’ll probably be hiding them at the bottom with maybe a slight coating of dust around the edges, but there’s nothing shameful about the stranger shoe. Take Vivienne Westwood’s outlandish famous blue heels- their moment of fame will last a lifetime.

Summer season is all about the gladiator sandal. From the distant dry land far far away they’ve glided all the way around the world with fashionistas’ now stomping them around the puddles of Oxford Street. Although they started in a different culture, no matter of your ethnicity, they’ve made their way into ours.

The stiletto- tower of all shoes, the intimidator, the one looking down on you that if you’ve got dandruff you better run now. The word stiletto itself makes you instantly buckle to your knees in fear of accidentally being trodden on with an almighty spike for a heel. On the other end of the spectrum you’ve just spotted the trustworthy flats that probably make up 50% of your shoe-drobe. Androgynous loafers, classic dollies, or innocent tie up’s these short shoes are the most reliable and comfortable choice of footwear we have. Even the shorter pair can be just as glamorous as the taller one. 

Last but by no means least are the shoes you’ll keep close to your bedside to be there when you wake up and go to sleep at night. The good old fluffy slippers. It’s unspeakable to think you’d were them in public but now the pajama suit is on trend to wear in the street who knows if we’ll be wearing slippers to our weekly shop. Slippers are often labeled as the older shoe but surely the older the wiser, am I right?

I’m guessing all your boxes are ticked? The thin, the curvy, the weird, the international, the tall, the short and the older... may this list go on further. You’ve already embraced the diversity in your wardrobe, so why is there any difference in opening the diversity up to the people modeling the shoes you’re collecting. Of course, you’re bound to prefer some over the others- for instance that dolly shoe might not be to your liking as much as the slipper. Yet wouldn’t it be tragically boring, and painfully unfair to your feet if your shoe collection consisted of the same old stiletto, spaghetti strap shoe. I’m afraid that isn’t going to win over any girls’ hearts for the most diverse woman or indeed diverse shoe lover. Bring diversity to the catwalks! It’s already in our wardrobes.

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