Monday, March 14, 2016

Relax... it's only another day at the office

GONE are those basic blue shirt and grey trouser days. VANISHED are those restricted matching black blazer and pencil skirt two pieces. FORGOTTEN is the thought of towering stilettos with an annoying clonk shadowing ever step you take. For it's the 21st century and those old fashioned tailored boring business stereotypes are all in the past. After all, fashion isn't supposed to just be for our leisure time, since we spend the majority of our time working during the week. It makes perfect sense to take more pride in our appearance in the office and challenge that typical and often dull representation the workplace is so unfortunately holding on it's shoulders.

Over the past 10 years the workplace for both creatives and academics has slowly and sensibly become more casual wear friendly. Our work wear has shifted to a whole array of styles to help show off our personality and not be instantly labeled as a worker in a suit. Don't get me wrong a suit is sometimes the only acceptable workwear in certain scenarios, and if being quite literally "suited and booted" is your style then by all means keep that up because after all it's still what a man looks 10/10 in and what a women looks most powerful in. Although, nowadays, even in menswear we're now adding that splash of colour and contrast of pattern. At first it was baby steps with the odd colourful tie or pocket tissue, but now men have it all in their stride taking on bold orange shirts with navy suits, skinny jeans in place of trousers and best of all taking the feminist colour of pink to a whole new level.

Let's call is quits on the menswear for now, as you're pretty restricted to a trousers and jeans image. For women on the other hand, you've got skirts, trousers, culottes, jeans- and that's only the bottom half.

Combine both genders styles and the most obvious rise in office wear lies with the booming success of active wear. No longer for the gym (you don't even need to go to the gym at all but still be head to toe in Nike- that's totally acceptable) this casual wear has made it into the casual boardroom. Trainers with culottes-perfect. Sport stripe jumpers-all welcome. But best of all, comfy casual yoga pants-indescribable. The ideal pair of yoga pants for a smart casual look in the office are available to buy online at Betabrand, a website made for boosting fresh and upbeat designs for the destined future. In fact, their whole trouser range is directed mostly at the workplace and for active wear for a very reasonable price, so if like me you're desperate for the perfect pair of yoga pants they're definitely worth taking. Betabrand pants page

If you're a keen fashion week observer like myself, you'll know the trend that's been on top of all the fashion week's these past few years in tailoring. The smart, clean and precise shapes and fabrics are unbeatable when it comes to classic fashion. Thankfully tailoring has been given a full needed facelift with many designers now opting for ties, ruffles and unusual details that are subtle yet totally transform the outfit. The go to brands for an original edge on tailoring are House of Sunny, Milly, Zara and Atterly Road. Now the year is in spring the sun will soon be making its mark (hopefully-yet being British, let's face we'll be waiting till May at least) its time to dig out the culottes you packed away from last summer.

NOTE: isn't it great how such a weird yet unique design like the culottes are coming back again and again each year for us to celebrate, even though you'd think it would be shunned to the bottom of the fashion pile. 

Anyway... back on track. Culottes are the summer must have (and if you have't already got a pair by now I'm seriously judging you right now) so why not show them off in the office. They're perfectly shaped, modernise any outfit and understandably are much safer than a skirt, say goodbye to the skirt embarrassing going over your head look. Match with a beautiful blouse such as a pussy bow, or a crisp white shirt and you look just as smart as you did in your black blazer and pencil skirt combo, only cooler. Much, much cooler.

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