Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paris Fashion Week A/W 16


There's no place like home, and when it comes to fashion weeks the home of sweet homes belongs here in Paris. The birthplace for many fashions, Paris is the epitome of the 4 weeks, there's a reason they save the best for last. Similar to Sportsmax at Milan fashion week, Aganovich played with the contras. Thick black or white lines were a key theme of motif throughout with some intertwined around the neckline like a groovy cats cradle necklace. Long skirts or dresses were clearly the favoured style of Aganovich this collection as many of the garments sent down the catwalk had some sort of ruched flowing fabric gently swishing past your gaze. 


With the creative director Olivier Rousteing being just as famous as the brand Balmain itself and on first name basis with all the latest supermodels, it was obvious Balmain was going to be one hell of a show. The likes of Jourdan Dunn, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Binx paraded down the catwalk in almighty high crotch length suede boots. If it wasn't already obvious the theme for his collection was all about the pastels, although he did include some black and gold versions (a safer option for the winter months). Balmain was one in only a handful of design houses who took to using colour, especially pastel for their collection. Belts were the key accessory that finished the look off with just the colour of gold as an uplifting but subtle blingy touch. As for the details ruffles, fur and sheer fabrics gave the garments a beautiful and light texture. 


With a heavy use of Egyptian reference in Givenchy's A/W 16 collection, all the models needed to do was walk like an Egyptian and they'd have almost transported us back to Nefertiti's rein. However, like any designer rule number one is make it fit into the 21st century for clothes we'd all actually wear and feel up to date wearing and not 3000 BC. Eyeliner flicks were on sharp points and the occasional headress made an appearance, but the best Egyptian reference of them all was the pure essence of the colour gold which featured in many of the garments. With some only a little colour was directed to the likes of lines on blazers for a sharp contrast to black base colours, which worked tremendously well for a simplistic classic style. Of course, like many of the collections this fashion month, fur was a key component on all the garments for that soft furry texture, but also that huggable and snuggable warmth we all need at winter time.


Always one for the simplicity, Hermes kept to a very natural colour pallet for all the garments in their A/W 16 collection. In terms of fabrics; wools, suedes and scuba like materials were repeatedly used for that oversized but very polished edge. Particular garments shout military reference with the symmetrical bulky pockets and high funnel necklines, whilst others take a more feminine approach using gathering on the skirts but in a very stiff fabric for the a very unusual shape. Sure, this collection is very stiff, very big and very wooly but that's right on A/W trend, so if you're like me and are as stiff as a brick (and can't even do the Mexican wave without looking like you're attempting the robot) then this trend will make you feel right at home. Lets the stiffness be appreciated!


Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Lamaire's collection could literally be summed up into one simple timeless famous phrase. The essence of soft light fabric of the skirts and bell bottom/ pirate sleeves makes this collection look as like a feather with the gentle movement of excess fabric billowing in the breeze. Loose tie belts flying around add even more flair and grace to such a unique silhouette produced at Lamaire. One side of the collection was clearly positively feminine centred, however take a swift glance into the high contrast monochrome colour palette, masculine brogue like shoes and oversized coats almost drowning the outfit in black. It may look all girly to start but take a closer look and you're in for a sharp punch of masculinity and androgyny. Although there are 2 sides to the collection, let's be honest the beautiful butterfly side takes the limelight with the clever and elegant shaping of those sleeves. Who knew pirate sleeves could be so sassy?!

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  1. Balmain is definitely my favourite out of these. Love how much shape the belts give. And their models are all perfect! x
    Freyas Fashion Chapter