Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New York Fashion Week A/W 16/17

 Calvin Klein

The previous past fashion months have involved tailoring left right and centre, and of course this style hasn't changed too much- lets just say it's been given a little bit of a facelift. Those very masculine two piece suits that were all over A/W 15 and S/S 16 have taken a tone down to a more casual and relaxed alternative to the suit and tie combo. Flowing fabric, loose ties and an overall bagginess to the garments made them so much more appealing to wear on a day to day basis without looking too much like you're heading towards the office. Obviously we love a two piece, but CK clearly wants us to have a little more fun injected into our fashion again playing with a miss match of materials. Fur, leather and crochet were all spotted on the CK catwalk in a sophisticated black, and often partnered with a seductive low V neckline.

 Hugo Boss

One of my all time favourites at New York Fashion week is Hugo Boss. There's no other brand that compares to it's impeccable yet simplistic collections playing with only a few colours for a whole season. Camel and black is a favoured combo BOSS love to use continuously in their designs, and was a key favourite in their last A/W collection. Cleary BOSS stuck to their very neutral palette, using only a subtle streak of floral pattern. However, BOSS obviously chose these colours for the reason that they let the shape and structure the talking. Those asymmetric lines, peplum waistlines and full skirts all add to the dramatic movement and character of the garments. Yes, a very strict colour palette but a very powerful silhouette that instantly screams inspiration from Dior's New Look. 

 Marc Jacobs

Fashion week wouldn't be fashion week without the insane. And of course who else would give it to us but Marc Jacobs. How many goths does it take to win over a whole collection in New York? Turns out a whole runway full of them. Smokey eyes, heavy eyeliner, HUGE and scary boots and of course lots and lots of black made a secure appearance in New York City. Unless you're still in your teenage Emo stage then I'm guessing this is a look that you're going to struggle pulling off? Who could blame you, most of us are probably too scared to even consider it. Maybe just take the key details such as the cape (a major future contender for A/W 16) and the black tie ribbons on the waistline. We can all accept that this collection is more about the shock factor rather than the trend factor, but that beautiful square/ check pattern on some of the designs is something I'd be looking out for.

 Reem Acra

Sheer sheer sheer, it's all any fashion house has talked about for the last few years and it's not going anywhere for A/W 16 either. The (pardon the pun) sheer beauty of it is just too much to say no to. Its like the option of wearing thin denier tights which A) instantly allows you to get away with wearing the shortest skirt ever because at least you've attempted to cover up, and B) can actually make the whole outfit look so much more sexier and sultry. Reed Acra obviously took this into account when designing their floral heavy collection. Lace, bra strap like details and suspenders on the skirts really captured the essence of seduction, the models were pretty set for a round of Burlesque. Just looking at the plunging necklines. Boat necks, similar to what Tudor women wore the insensate their breasts, bring the message home clear as day that this is a very much so sex appeal collection. Let's not be the overly modest girl who would frown at such a thing, don't be ridiculous-we love it. Embracing a little racey number can make us feel like a million dollars (although the "waiting on the corner at midnight" look is a no go zone).

Tommy Hilfiger

All Tommy Hilfiger needed on the FROW of his new A/W 16 collection was Popeye sat staring in awe at these sailor inspired designs whilst munching away on his bowl of spinach and chanting AYE AYE SAILOR. Hilfiger took obvious references from the adventure of the sea in his latest collection for A/W 16. Most commonly the sailor references only set sail during the summer months with more red and blue stripes in their traditional appearance. Hilfiger challenged this using darker navy shades to expend this style into the colder season. Looking at the collection his sea-spiration was all taken in through the details such as; rope motifs plastered all over blouse and used as pussy bows; yacht patterned silk fabric used the popular street style pyjama suit; and striping details on the cuffs and waistlines so typical of a sailor boys uniform. The palate was left chic and simple with navy and pastel blue tones complimenting each other for a beautiful design.

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