Sunday, February 28, 2016

London Fashion Week: A/W 2016/17

A.F Vandevorst

London Fashion Week always has the pressure of upholding the reputation of their unique designs that make the rest of the fashion world extremely jealous of the UK's quirky yet adorable style. It's already a given that London has quite literally walked it, with runways from upcoming and popular designers giving us a taste of something new and innovative. A. F Vandevorst really gave us a dose of the extraordinary with ruffles of draped excess fabric falling from the waistlines. Velvets, furs and denims mis matched on the runway based the look of this collection, yet all surprisingly fit together as though it was meant to be, like Cinderella's slipper, because of the dark colour palette. Since S/S 16 collections it was predictable hanging relaxed shapes were going to be to be continued into A/W and that's exactly thats happened but is there more to come? 


Florals are a given at any Erdem show. First rule of Erdem, don't use any other pattern apart from florals. Saying this, just because we expect it, doesn't mean we don't hold the idea that we're not going to be shocked at every collection. Far from it, with A/W 16 showcasing beautiful dark florals using various different shapes and styles. Suits, cocktails dresses and cape shapes were all included in the collection with capes being a huge player in the general A/W 16 trend packet. Noticeably sharp collars were a must have on many of their garments with many absolutely packed with details of embroidery and sheer fabric daisies. For sheer fabric once again it was champion, is there any design house that didn't use it this year? 

 Gareth Pugh

No unfortunately this season models supporting a full face of clown face paint and red afro wasn't a look Pugh went for this seasons, sigh. For A/W 16 it was the time for the monster machine power dressed women to take over, with just a step on the catwalk everyone was immediately intimidated. Those pointed shoulders, that pin tight hairstyle, and those high necklines shout masculine so loud I can't even hear anything else, but that was part of the look Pugh wanted to go for. Even feminine numbers like skirts were teamed with a PVC fabric for a raunchy and dominating rebellion style. All I advise is if next autumn you for some reason need to kick the ass out of someone then THIS is the look you want to go for, no one is going to mess with shoulders that could poke your eye out and metal masks that could knock your brains out.

 Christopher Kane

Granny chic is a look thats got many questioning if it's really acceptable or not? There's one thing buying a pair of Topshop socks with the little lacy frill that your Nanna would approve of, but how about a rain hood? In a shade of Orange? Hmmm maybe a little too far, but obviously Kane used this little accessory mostly to make Granny Chic a more obvious theme we could see as soon as the first model walked out. Although, just because the rain hood is a stereotypical representation of old ladies (sorry to the stylish old ladies who wouldn't dream of such a thing), there are many different fabric choices Kane uses that definitely contrast to the sitting chair Grandma. For instance, the feathered fur shoes that ooze tactile texture, that sheer striped two pice that screams provocative and those baggy oversized K knits that simply don't fit in the right places and would drive your Nanna crazy. This is Granny chic, and of course Granny wouldn't like it. 

Simona Rocha

Sophisticated, dark, mysterious and timeless are words that instantly spring to mind when we see the colour black anywhere. It's a gift that when wearing black it suddenly gives you that professional and beautiful look just with the colours and the details of the fabric. Simona Rocha also showcased a lot of pastel pinks (one of her favourite colours to use in her collections) and whites, but for A/W 16 she took things to the darker side with a whole array of garments drowned in black. Yet again, fur was an iconic part to play in the collections with fur coats and even bags making an appearance. However, the most alluring and elegant designs shown were the use of black lace and sheer fabric together to create a very delicate style, yet mixed with polar necks and the colour black give it quite a sharp seductive look.

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