Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fruity Tooty

For my previous module of work at University, as a group, we had to accomplish a photoshoot of whatever we wished towards the theme of "Encounter Culture" a trend WGSN has predicated for  S/S 17. With culture being the buzz word, we instantly thought of different rituals and colours from different countries to tie them all together in a shoot. Although, after discussions we decided fruit was the best bet, along with flowers for a very tropical style thats particularly on trend.

After the shoot, we individually has to create an editorial for a magazine of our choice. I chose "The Plant" magazine, a perfect publication for the concept I wished to put forwards. The main element I needed to get right was the story telling in the magazine, this couldn't just be random pictures on a spread, it needed meaning and a message that could get people thinking. That's when I thought of the interesting use of poems to open and close the story-one telling the magical journey of a tree's life, the other warning us of the issue of neglecting our environment and nature. The journal article highlights how important it is for us to eat and grow more fruit in our lifestyle and to remind us of the fascinating colour, shape and texture a fruit can have.

Take a look at the magazine spreads I came up with and let me know what you think!

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  1. I love your spreads! They're so eye-catching and appealing :)