Friday, February 19, 2016

Boohoo Buys

Revoltingly irresistible

Since S/S 14 catwalks we knew culottes were under the radar, but very surprisingly to everyones reaction, the once labeled hideous pants/ skirt number is the key contender of our summer wardrobe. I've been collecting culottes since last summer and I can tell you straight away I was completely puzzled and very fashion conscious on how to pull them off. Yet, like banging your head on the fashion cupboard of postmodernism, it suddenly hits you that these "hideous" pants are actually your most trusty fashion piece of the whole summer, making every outfit you wear look absolutely flawless. The whole draping effect and wide leg cut really is a beautiful silhouette when partnered with a pair of sandals or sporty trainers. 

Since the colder weather hit in I'm seriously getting withdrawal symptoms from them that I just had to order myself another pair from (yet this time as a jumpsuit shape, let the collection keep on growing). I love the stripe Parisian pattern, all it needs are plain colours in accessories to give it the finishing touch. At only £6, how could I not add this to the basket? Don't be the person who questions about it until the end of they day, then finally comes up with the most overused excuse in history "I'm allowed to treat myself" but then it's gone, vanished off the face of the earth. Just don't be that person okay? Click it, buy it, done... now unfortunately it's just the impatient waiting you have to uphold. 

Tie the knot

Another bargain I managed to find on was a £3 cami top and neck tie. I mostly bought this little piece just for the neck tie as I've been desperately looking around for one without paying through the nose for basically an over exaggerated piece of ribbon. S/S 16 was loving the tie and knot look, whether it was around your waist, neck or even over your shoulders tie ribbons were a big hit that we're now beginning to see in our high street stores. Personally, the best option I would advise is a black colour, it insinuates wherever you wish to tie it by just being bold and simple. Gigi Hagid has favoured the black neck tie for numerous events and simple styles her hair behind her shoulders to show off the shape of the tie perfectly.

ps: If you worry this is a murder weapon in disguise and fear anyone could literally just come and strangle you then don't worry. I think this scenario has drifted the thoughts of EVERY single person when they'd finally bought it, got the look together then had second thoughts in the mirror. Let's not be so absurd, it's a neck tie for crying out loud, not a knife.

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