Saturday, January 2, 2016

A party on your feet

Nothing is more satisfying to a woman than the echo of her brand new expensive pair of heels. A) because they make her feel like the most powerful yet feminine person on the planet, B) because that clonk matched with trendy new footwear makes us feel like a million dollars, and C) because lets face it, we like the attention. If like many others, you do just want to show off the best pair of heels out there then Sophia Webster can take care of that. I've never been able to describe a shoe as cute, fun, feminine and sexy all in one sentence, but Sophia Webster's collection of shoes does exactly that.

British born designer Webster really uses her brand as a way of evoking fun back into fashion, a message that surely means we should be embracing something different and be proud to be individual instead of following the gang. Be it watermelons, butterflies, flamingos or pom-poms that tickle your fancy then you're seriously spoilt for choice. Studying Art and Sculpture at Camberwell College of the Arts London helped to inspire her wacky and 3D skills making her the all round perfect shoe designer. My personal favourite is the slogan shoe, theres nothing like belting out a drunken sarcastic insult at a party then pointing your foot (beautifully pedicured of course) in their face to finish the one liner "Just Sayin'". As well as footwear Webster has created a whole range of bags to match for the perfect combination, however it's ALL about the shoes (£150-£500 a pair). And rightly so, as she was awarded with Footwear designer of the year in 2013. (with many more awards still to come).
Cute and kitsch is certainly another way of describing Webster's designs. Her campaigns towards her ranges are pastel overload all you can help but think about are the trends of mermaid hair and pastel matte nail polish. But we love it! The cuteness, it's just irresistible. Yes, you'll tempt yourself out of it arguing that you must be crazy wanting a flamingo on the back of your shoe, but who on earth wouldn't? Isn't the great thing about this brand about embracing your crazy side? Speaking of Flamingo's Webster has set up an online petition to arise the fatal and serious case of... no flamingo emoji. A monstrosity in need to be targeted. You want to know what I think? I've already signed the dotted line so to speak. Now we wait, so I'll now entrance endlessly scrolling through the Sophia Webster Instagram and online shop at those beautiful butterfly heels I so desperately need.

New years resolution-By a pair of Sophia Webster butterfly heels by 2017 (who said resolutions had to be responsible).

Sophia Webster Website
Sophia Webster Instagram

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