Friday, October 30, 2015

Celebrate Individuality With Styleart

Picture this. You're a buzzing new creative with a bubbling mind full of questionable yet totally unique ideas, but you're at wits end when it comes to getting your designs out there in the public view. Yes, being a creative can be challenging, but Styleart can help you get started and give you that little confidence boost you've so desperately needed. Styleart is an online company which you upload your designs onto T-shirts, bags, home accessories and huge canvases so people can buy your work on whatever product they wish. 20% of all the purchases go to Styleart but apart from that every penny is yours, and by all means, you deserve it!

If you're the more secret creative who just enjoys the odd splurge of artisan then you can upload your designs too. If the creators of Styleart like what they see then your hobby could spark into a career change. Whether it's the accidental spontaneous design you've doodled on a napkin, or the design you've spent weeks planning in advance, give them a try on Styleart and you never know where it will take you.

In all of us we have different tastes, and with Styleart the categories to separate certain types of designs are helpful but also genious when you don't have time to search the site for a full afternoon. With categories like "cute","beach" and "glamorous" prepare yourself for a cuteness overload with animal motifs and sunset scencearies. Of course if you're into the action side of things and just generally don't want a cat coming up in the search options, then "games & cartoons,  "comic" and "galaxy" might interest you more. No matter what age, gender or tastes you're into, you're bound to find something that you could find yourself buying.

As for myself I choose the "drawing" and "graphic" categories for the designs that I believe had the most thought put into them. After finding too many designs I wanted, I finally decided on a drawn horse design with a butchers like denotation to it. Most cleverly the design involved arrows such as a butchers horse drawing would, however the labels intend a pun rather than just showing the horses meat.

Being a fashion student I know for a fact, if you're going all out on a printed T-shirt then it needs to be one you'll wear all the time as they go in and out of fashion so quickly. Due to not wanting to waste the design I purchase,  I found it more sensible to purchase the canvas bag. At a great size, this bag is going to do wonders when I'm walking around Liverpool with all my university sketchbooks. With a printed bag I know for sure  it will match most of my outfits, as with bags you'll find they can go pretty much go with anything, but with a T-shirt you're a little limited to say the least.

Partner the bag with a simple and sopisticated outfit to keep you right on trend, then sling that canvas bag over your shoulder and there you have it. The perfect outfit with that hipster and indie touch of having an up and coming artists design right on your shoulder.

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