Sunday, September 6, 2015

Struggling with the finishing touches? Call Mother Nature.

As you delicately wander through the intertwining vibrant green leaves you’ll be able to see the cluster of cacti just in the distance forming a cactus city skyline. Now, if we carry on towards the right, (oh do watch out for those thorns, I’m sorry I should have warned you about those) you can just faintly see the soft and bouncy texture of the plant hanging from mid air, rustling ever so slightly in the breeze. Take a moment to breathe in and inhale the smell of nature with the satisfying dirt of the soil. If you believe you’ve started reading the wrong article, then please let me tell you that you are indeed on the right page, for this isn’t a descriptive nature talk about the great outdoors, it’s exactly the opposite of that. Welcome to my bedroom.

Of course, just like fashion, we’re going to have different tastes with interiors. Whether you like rustic, industrial modern or nautical cottage you can adapt to include indoor plants in any surrounding as long as you accompany them in the correct manner. Obviously some of you wouldn’t dream of having plants in your house apart from the odd bunch of flowers that were only received as a gift in the first place, but for those of you that would like a little green in your home then a trip to your local garden center might just open your inner interior design eyes.

For an interior designer clearly the colour scheme is key, but there’s nothing that makes the character of a room quite like accessories. Designer’s favourites are bookcases, lamps and plants so why are we leaving 1 out of the 3 out, we need to bring back nature into our homes and follow the designer’s advice.

In fact, the trend of the moment is having some kind of indoor plant in your home, but you may think, like many other trends they die out (no pun intended for the life of the plants there) for something else to come into fashion, but is this a trend here to stay? I would say definitely, seeing as many of us are opting for a healthier and de-stress lifestyle. That’s one reason why the adult colouring trend has taken the book stores by a storm, and what better way to colour than next to a calming indoor jungle.

One option of housing indoor plants is by hanging them from the ceiling giving a bohemian personality to the room. Urban outfitters have been going hanging plant crazy selling ready made pots complete with colourful strings, as well as modern geometric shaped structures to suit your more modern interiors. Although these come at a hefty price you can always make your own with a yarn of string and a few plant pots, that will certainly keep you entertained on a Sunday afternoon. Given that you’re hanging a plant from the ceiling in the first place it’s pretty evident you want to make a statement, so the best plants to add a sensational effect are spider and dracaena plants. Their blooming green colours of dark and light shades liven a room up whilst their shooting branches add all the drama you need. If they grow (or in other words if you look after them), their leaves should start to fall elegantly over the pot for a stunning effect no petty plastic plant could achieve.

Tacky big plants in a Doctors surgery are what might spring to mind for some when we mention indoor plants. All you can visuailse is a plant that’s grown immeasurably out of control yet is slumped into a corner like a dog being restricted in a cage. It’s one of those strange and questionable situations when you’re told it’s a real breathing plant but you can’t but help think you’re being lied to for the leaves are so undernourished they shine like plastic. I’m sure we’ve all noticed a battered plant like this in our time, often leading us to look away in disgust and wishing that there was some type of plant recuse line to call.  Please don’t let that boring Doctors surgery put you off plants because even the big and wacky plants can look fantastic in a Zen and bohemian inspired interior. Position a snake plant or a mother in law’s tongue in the corner of the room and watch the thick and bulky leaves grow into an urban landscape that will add character to any space of the room.

Easy-peasy plants which take basically no looking after are the evident favourties and that’s why cacti are everywhere you look at the moment. Whether it’s in a café, visual merchandising in a shop or just on the window ledge in your home, you can’t go anywhere these days without bumping into one. Particularly cacti in miniature sets of 3 are something every supermarket is getting hold of in their floral section as more and more of us are realising and appreciating the trend of the cactus as we let more spikey haired friends into our homes than ever before. A question you’ll probably keep asking yourself is why a cactus? But why not? It’s quirky, comes in all sorts of shapes and even sometimes grows flowers on the top for that little feminine touch. Other miniscule and individual plants taking pride of place in our homes are jade’s, fly catcher’s and bonzi trees. Take your pick or merely involve them all, just don’t go stroking those cacti yeah.

Whether I’ve convinced you or not to welcome some nature into your home, I hope you take a trip in your local garden center, or even a supermarket for that matter just for a little peep of what plants they have to offer. Think of it this way, if you can’t keep a pet then these are the next thing close to that, you feed them weekly and watch them grow, so you can’t get much closer than that. Cover your shelves or your ceiling perhaps, it’s up to you where you display them. Nevertheless I’m sure Tarzan will be swinging soon.

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