Monday, September 21, 2015

New York fashion week S/S 2016

 Jason Wu

Once upon a collection ago, the A/W 2015 fashion collections showed a hint of Victorian inspiration running throughout the shows as pussy-bow blouses and pie crust necklines were spotted at various designers collection, and now they're becoming a major trend for this winter. The Victorian vibe however doesn't stop there. Jason Wu incorporated the fancy and eccentric dress of the Victorian era in his new S/S 2016 collection. Ruffles upon ruffles of it as a matter of fact. Be it a tie belt coat or a classic skater dress, Wu gathered every hemline to add that delicate and bouncy shaping that will certainly make you look fabulous spinning on the dance floor, however walking down the street in a flared skirt complete with matching flared shoulders is a step too far for most. Of course he stuck to some of his original shapes with slim fit dresses and peg legged trousers which we appreciate most from his collection, but everything was topped off with a criss cross sandal no matter how straight or ruffled the garment. 

 Michael Kors

The wasp waist. Probably something you don't like the thought of, and maybe (if you're like me) result to wafting the air in fear of a wasp coming close just by hearing the phrase, but don't worry it's just the shape of their waists the fashion folk are after. Indeed, many of the collections found the shape of the wasp waist buzzing it's way down their runways. Michael Kors sent nearly every model down the catwalk with a belt on, whether it's was a D ring, fabric tie or a super oversized belt you could pass as a cowboy. If you can picture the garments without the belt they would almost lack shape and lustre, just adding that thin strip of fabric can really enhance your silhouette as well as adding the extra finishing touch you need for your stylish summer attire. The collections were belted up and ready for harsher summer weather as cardigans, coats and jumpers appeared down the catwalk for a collection us Brits can actually relate to for a summer we can only understand too well.


A lesser known designer at NY fashion week was Milly. Usually known for her sportswear she now mixed things up a little with this summer collection she paraded down the catwalk. We all know that the light blue crisp shirt is a must for this winter and it seems this cotton fabric and colour palette is continuing into the summer months, but this time with little bit of a twist. Instead of that basic blouse we all have by now, Milly decided to cut it up a little exposing the shoulders for a perfect updated shape. Among her other garments the main element she kept to was keeping things loose yet tidy at the same time. With floating flared layers of fabric in the skirts, and tops taking a characteristic from the peplum,the whole silhouette had a smart yet laid back approach. This is minimalism taken to a whole new level of experimental shaping and I'm taken.

 Naeem Khan

The designer that never disappoints. The designer that always embraces different patterns and never fails to shock us with his impressive eye for details. Naeem Khan is a dark horse. Although to some he isn't well known, he's one of the most impressive designers at fashion week. This collection transports us to a whole range of different places and feelings, with pattern and colours ranging from a delicate canary yellow dress resembling a light yellow rose, to an eyebrow raising contrasting stripe number. Whatever mood you want Naeem will take you there. Up for girly and sweet? Not a problem Naeem will cater you with a skater skirt floral design. More into a sexy and elegant style? Naeem will cover you in silk from head to toe. If there's a box for diversity to check, then Naeem has easily done it.

Tory Burch

With collections in the past with a punchy and military theme, her newest collection gives a much more soft and gentle approach to the summer fashions. With a colour palette keen on white's and light shades there was hardly a darker colour in sight. Burch kept the garments clean and simple letting the shapes and patterns to do the talking. Either with complicated lace details resembling a laser cut fabric, or a symmetric  pattern with fine soft, elegant detail nothing went over the top. One of the best things about Burch's collection is that you could see yourself wearing this day to day, formal or informal, her realistic thinking is priceless. Personally, the tight tops partnered with the looser bottoms and skirts makes these outfits worth buying (or copying).

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