Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Causal kickbacks

Pumps. A memory most associated with the signature black velcro pump of primary school PE lessons, as well as the adolescent teenage years of wearing everything, be it skirts or skinnies, with either Converse or Vans. The pump however, took a step backwards when the rise of the trainer became centre stage for the fashion trends to take to a sports chic style which many outfits accompanied by a pair of tick logos on their feet. Only recently are pumps, especially bright white ones, having a come-back to share the lime light with the trainers. This indeed gives the trainers a little time to kick back and relax, I'll be it something a trainer just isn't used to.

We know that minimalism is a major trend to hit the A/W months and this means clean and neat tailoring with shirts, trousers and masculine coats. Yet sometimes adding a tailored shoe to these outfits can be a little too style pristine, almost too polished for casual fashion. So giving the outfit an edge with a sporty pump can give the whole attire a lift, making sure you don't look too serious or too much like you're heading for a meeting. The pump is the basic necessity every girl needs in her wardrobe, or if you're one of the lucky girls with enough room, a shoe-drobe. 

Even though minimalism is the major trend, that doesn't mean to say we can't wear something colour and pattern popping from time to time. After all fashion is all about having fun and expressing your personality, plus there's still many an A/W trend this season that involves celebrating pattern and colour. Anyhow, even with an eccentric choice of garment these shoes will look just the part to not take too much attention off your chosen piece, yet still adds that little flair to finish off an outfit perfectly. Be it florals, bold shapes or pinstripes these pumps will fit in with anything thrown at them. It may be back to basics for fashion, but at least we're back to comfort. Take advantage whilst it lasts! 

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