Sunday, September 27, 2015

London Fashion Week S/S 2016

Burberry Prorsum

With Burberry being the only fashion house having a full Snapchat story to document their whole show they needed to pull out all the stops to have fashion and non-fashion lovers clicking every second on that story. A light and bright glasshouse proved the perfect location for the show which included seating in the centre for a live full piece band to play, perfect setting and most perfectly British. With the FROW being one of the most impressive at LFW with Kate Moss, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Sienna Miller taking a perch next to each other. The collection stayed true to Burberry's traditional trench coat shapes along with their new and improved trade mark of patterned details. Lace and laser cut material was the epitome of the collection with garments including light shades of canary yellow to dark bold black. Hemlines stayed short and sexy with the frame keeping a 60s silhouette with a simple shift dress. With a collection complete with so much detail and contrasting colours, it's no wonder this vibrant collection was Snapchat story worthy. 

 Emilia Wickstead

This year has been London's most packed for new and upcoming designers. The schedule included rising stars like Daks, Molly Goddard and Osman. Vogue recently covered a spread story involving current new designers and Emilia Wickstead was one of the main favourites to watch out for. Wickstead's signature style usually keeps to an oversized shape focusing on a 50s silhouette and her recent collection continued naturally to show aspects of her trademark style. With full circle skirts and shirt dresses with mammoth sized collars, the bigger was clearly the better in Wickstead's mind. As for her pattern and print, wickstead advanced her natural gain way of working to create contemporary modern prints that resemble a Mondrian way of working.


With Alexa Chung having an almighty obsession with wearing Erdem for many of her events it wasn't surprising when she was on the FROW. One of the reasons Alexa choses this designer over many others is because how uniquely British it is of course. Erdem himself always focuses on using floral motifs and embroidery matched with the colour scheme of a dark palette making the garments instantly dramatic and seductive. However, it's most likely that you'd pick a dark floral for you autumn wardrobe, yet Erdem challenges this by bringing this palette into S/S 2016. As for the details, the victorian masterpiece of a pussybow blouse tie neckline was involved in several positions around the garments to add that sudden edge and an even more grungy appeal. Layers and ruffles of silky thin fabric later and you've got the ideal delicate dress you'd die to wear for the summer months. 


This is most certainly a look that is one of my favourites from LFW, the tie waist, knot waist whatever you wanna call it waist. Looking straight at this collection you'd associate this with the minimalism trend, yet the details of these garments make them far from minimal. With more belts, ties and criss crossing knots than a straight jacket these garments gave attention to the texture and finer details we're all looking for. This amount of knotting converts the style of minimalism tailoring to a laid back sports chic look, especially when partnered with trainers or pumps. We can see in the designer shops already for A/W 2015 this kind of tie waist trend is already kicking off from the starting line, but by summer we'll be knotting everything we can layer onto our outfits. Not only is this a trend I've already tried and loved but if you want an emergency jumper on hand for those unpredictable September temperatures then knotting it to your waist like a school girl is the most stylish thing to do. FACT.

Mary Katrantzou

With a name most people can barely pronounce or even spell, Mary Katrantzou has already made the impact with such a unique name for a selling point. We'll just call you Mary K, K? One of her trademarks is being noticed for her insanely amount of detail she can pack into one dress, whether it be floral or tribal printing if there's room for it she'll cram it in. This would lead you to think her clothes are probably over the top and too eccentric to even think about wearing, although for some reason Mary K manages to make them extremely realistic for the fashion of the street. For her S/S 2016 collection she kept to her routes giving as much attention to detail to one dress as to another, and with a darker colour palette of purples and blues this collection took to the darker side of Mary K's creativity. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

New York fashion week S/S 2016

 Jason Wu

Once upon a collection ago, the A/W 2015 fashion collections showed a hint of Victorian inspiration running throughout the shows as pussy-bow blouses and pie crust necklines were spotted at various designers collection, and now they're becoming a major trend for this winter. The Victorian vibe however doesn't stop there. Jason Wu incorporated the fancy and eccentric dress of the Victorian era in his new S/S 2016 collection. Ruffles upon ruffles of it as a matter of fact. Be it a tie belt coat or a classic skater dress, Wu gathered every hemline to add that delicate and bouncy shaping that will certainly make you look fabulous spinning on the dance floor, however walking down the street in a flared skirt complete with matching flared shoulders is a step too far for most. Of course he stuck to some of his original shapes with slim fit dresses and peg legged trousers which we appreciate most from his collection, but everything was topped off with a criss cross sandal no matter how straight or ruffled the garment. 

 Michael Kors

The wasp waist. Probably something you don't like the thought of, and maybe (if you're like me) result to wafting the air in fear of a wasp coming close just by hearing the phrase, but don't worry it's just the shape of their waists the fashion folk are after. Indeed, many of the collections found the shape of the wasp waist buzzing it's way down their runways. Michael Kors sent nearly every model down the catwalk with a belt on, whether it's was a D ring, fabric tie or a super oversized belt you could pass as a cowboy. If you can picture the garments without the belt they would almost lack shape and lustre, just adding that thin strip of fabric can really enhance your silhouette as well as adding the extra finishing touch you need for your stylish summer attire. The collections were belted up and ready for harsher summer weather as cardigans, coats and jumpers appeared down the catwalk for a collection us Brits can actually relate to for a summer we can only understand too well.


A lesser known designer at NY fashion week was Milly. Usually known for her sportswear she now mixed things up a little with this summer collection she paraded down the catwalk. We all know that the light blue crisp shirt is a must for this winter and it seems this cotton fabric and colour palette is continuing into the summer months, but this time with little bit of a twist. Instead of that basic blouse we all have by now, Milly decided to cut it up a little exposing the shoulders for a perfect updated shape. Among her other garments the main element she kept to was keeping things loose yet tidy at the same time. With floating flared layers of fabric in the skirts, and tops taking a characteristic from the peplum,the whole silhouette had a smart yet laid back approach. This is minimalism taken to a whole new level of experimental shaping and I'm taken.

 Naeem Khan

The designer that never disappoints. The designer that always embraces different patterns and never fails to shock us with his impressive eye for details. Naeem Khan is a dark horse. Although to some he isn't well known, he's one of the most impressive designers at fashion week. This collection transports us to a whole range of different places and feelings, with pattern and colours ranging from a delicate canary yellow dress resembling a light yellow rose, to an eyebrow raising contrasting stripe number. Whatever mood you want Naeem will take you there. Up for girly and sweet? Not a problem Naeem will cater you with a skater skirt floral design. More into a sexy and elegant style? Naeem will cover you in silk from head to toe. If there's a box for diversity to check, then Naeem has easily done it.

Tory Burch

With collections in the past with a punchy and military theme, her newest collection gives a much more soft and gentle approach to the summer fashions. With a colour palette keen on white's and light shades there was hardly a darker colour in sight. Burch kept the garments clean and simple letting the shapes and patterns to do the talking. Either with complicated lace details resembling a laser cut fabric, or a symmetric  pattern with fine soft, elegant detail nothing went over the top. One of the best things about Burch's collection is that you could see yourself wearing this day to day, formal or informal, her realistic thinking is priceless. Personally, the tight tops partnered with the looser bottoms and skirts makes these outfits worth buying (or copying).

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Struggling with the finishing touches? Call Mother Nature.

As you delicately wander through the intertwining vibrant green leaves you’ll be able to see the cluster of cacti just in the distance forming a cactus city skyline. Now, if we carry on towards the right, (oh do watch out for those thorns, I’m sorry I should have warned you about those) you can just faintly see the soft and bouncy texture of the plant hanging from mid air, rustling ever so slightly in the breeze. Take a moment to breathe in and inhale the smell of nature with the satisfying dirt of the soil. If you believe you’ve started reading the wrong article, then please let me tell you that you are indeed on the right page, for this isn’t a descriptive nature talk about the great outdoors, it’s exactly the opposite of that. Welcome to my bedroom.

Of course, just like fashion, we’re going to have different tastes with interiors. Whether you like rustic, industrial modern or nautical cottage you can adapt to include indoor plants in any surrounding as long as you accompany them in the correct manner. Obviously some of you wouldn’t dream of having plants in your house apart from the odd bunch of flowers that were only received as a gift in the first place, but for those of you that would like a little green in your home then a trip to your local garden center might just open your inner interior design eyes.

For an interior designer clearly the colour scheme is key, but there’s nothing that makes the character of a room quite like accessories. Designer’s favourites are bookcases, lamps and plants so why are we leaving 1 out of the 3 out, we need to bring back nature into our homes and follow the designer’s advice.

In fact, the trend of the moment is having some kind of indoor plant in your home, but you may think, like many other trends they die out (no pun intended for the life of the plants there) for something else to come into fashion, but is this a trend here to stay? I would say definitely, seeing as many of us are opting for a healthier and de-stress lifestyle. That’s one reason why the adult colouring trend has taken the book stores by a storm, and what better way to colour than next to a calming indoor jungle.

One option of housing indoor plants is by hanging them from the ceiling giving a bohemian personality to the room. Urban outfitters have been going hanging plant crazy selling ready made pots complete with colourful strings, as well as modern geometric shaped structures to suit your more modern interiors. Although these come at a hefty price you can always make your own with a yarn of string and a few plant pots, that will certainly keep you entertained on a Sunday afternoon. Given that you’re hanging a plant from the ceiling in the first place it’s pretty evident you want to make a statement, so the best plants to add a sensational effect are spider and dracaena plants. Their blooming green colours of dark and light shades liven a room up whilst their shooting branches add all the drama you need. If they grow (or in other words if you look after them), their leaves should start to fall elegantly over the pot for a stunning effect no petty plastic plant could achieve.

Tacky big plants in a Doctors surgery are what might spring to mind for some when we mention indoor plants. All you can visuailse is a plant that’s grown immeasurably out of control yet is slumped into a corner like a dog being restricted in a cage. It’s one of those strange and questionable situations when you’re told it’s a real breathing plant but you can’t but help think you’re being lied to for the leaves are so undernourished they shine like plastic. I’m sure we’ve all noticed a battered plant like this in our time, often leading us to look away in disgust and wishing that there was some type of plant recuse line to call.  Please don’t let that boring Doctors surgery put you off plants because even the big and wacky plants can look fantastic in a Zen and bohemian inspired interior. Position a snake plant or a mother in law’s tongue in the corner of the room and watch the thick and bulky leaves grow into an urban landscape that will add character to any space of the room.

Easy-peasy plants which take basically no looking after are the evident favourties and that’s why cacti are everywhere you look at the moment. Whether it’s in a cafĂ©, visual merchandising in a shop or just on the window ledge in your home, you can’t go anywhere these days without bumping into one. Particularly cacti in miniature sets of 3 are something every supermarket is getting hold of in their floral section as more and more of us are realising and appreciating the trend of the cactus as we let more spikey haired friends into our homes than ever before. A question you’ll probably keep asking yourself is why a cactus? But why not? It’s quirky, comes in all sorts of shapes and even sometimes grows flowers on the top for that little feminine touch. Other miniscule and individual plants taking pride of place in our homes are jade’s, fly catcher’s and bonzi trees. Take your pick or merely involve them all, just don’t go stroking those cacti yeah.

Whether I’ve convinced you or not to welcome some nature into your home, I hope you take a trip in your local garden center, or even a supermarket for that matter just for a little peep of what plants they have to offer. Think of it this way, if you can’t keep a pet then these are the next thing close to that, you feed them weekly and watch them grow, so you can’t get much closer than that. Cover your shelves or your ceiling perhaps, it’s up to you where you display them. Nevertheless I’m sure Tarzan will be swinging soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Causal kickbacks

Pumps. A memory most associated with the signature black velcro pump of primary school PE lessons, as well as the adolescent teenage years of wearing everything, be it skirts or skinnies, with either Converse or Vans. The pump however, took a step backwards when the rise of the trainer became centre stage for the fashion trends to take to a sports chic style which many outfits accompanied by a pair of tick logos on their feet. Only recently are pumps, especially bright white ones, having a come-back to share the lime light with the trainers. This indeed gives the trainers a little time to kick back and relax, I'll be it something a trainer just isn't used to.

We know that minimalism is a major trend to hit the A/W months and this means clean and neat tailoring with shirts, trousers and masculine coats. Yet sometimes adding a tailored shoe to these outfits can be a little too style pristine, almost too polished for casual fashion. So giving the outfit an edge with a sporty pump can give the whole attire a lift, making sure you don't look too serious or too much like you're heading for a meeting. The pump is the basic necessity every girl needs in her wardrobe, or if you're one of the lucky girls with enough room, a shoe-drobe. 

Even though minimalism is the major trend, that doesn't mean to say we can't wear something colour and pattern popping from time to time. After all fashion is all about having fun and expressing your personality, plus there's still many an A/W trend this season that involves celebrating pattern and colour. Anyhow, even with an eccentric choice of garment these shoes will look just the part to not take too much attention off your chosen piece, yet still adds that little flair to finish off an outfit perfectly. Be it florals, bold shapes or pinstripes these pumps will fit in with anything thrown at them. It may be back to basics for fashion, but at least we're back to comfort. Take advantage whilst it lasts!