Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unleash the inner interior designer

After finishing University in May for summer, I set myself two tasks. One, to get a job (achieved, TK Maxx to be precise), and two, to re-decorate my whole room (achieved and staying tidy)!

I blame my 7 year old self for choosing a dusty pink carpet which if you look at it in one way awkwardly ruins the simple colours of the room, however in some ways works against the greys and whites. All I can say for sure is that I won't be letting my 7 year old have a room with a fitted pink carpet.

My moto for a room? Let the accessories to do the talking, no matter how loud, bright or weird they are. Watermelon cup holders, rhino candle holders and wooden hand ring holders, let these strange and wonderful items give the room some character. Although I do love a room with colour, especially the thought of navy, there's something about a nice bright bedroom that calms your senses. Add in a glimmer of copper on the ceiling and some beautiful frames to treasure holiday memories and you've got a room that will feel lived in as well as looking as though its come off Urban Outfitters website.

I've done it okay, you've caught me. I've gone nature obsessed in my new room. Flowers, cactuses and real life fish have all taken proud place in my new little crib first door to the left upstairs. One of my favourite areas of my room is what I call my blogging corner. A corner that would get anyone inspired to write about fashion. A snazzy mood board, a pair of cool pen holders, a jazzy lamp, and oh don't forget that cactus, all have a part to play when I'm thinking of the perfect post. Hope this one's another for you all.

Now don't be shy, grab a paint brush and get arty with your rooms. Yes, decorating isn't the nicest thing to do, in fact it's probably one of the most annoying things to do, but take it from me if you've done it yourself you will appreciate it even more (aka will keep it tidy). Thanks to all this I think I'm going interior design crazy and obsessing over everything that says interior, maybe a career path option or many a sudden urge - who knows?

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