Monday, August 31, 2015

Switching seasons

Even though summer is showing its last tanned legs and trading roles with a pair of black tights for the colder weather of autumn to take centre stage, there's still a tiny bit of warmth and sunshine to go for September. As we're knocking on the door of September tomorrow, it's time to make the most of our summer wardrobe whilst we still can, and yes even if your tan has faded.

I'm not sure about any of you, but I certainly haven't seen a lot of sunshine where I live in the north west of England this summer, even though the weather reporters predicted it to be one of the best yet *queue eye roll*. Not only has this made outfit planning over a ten minute task in the morning and a constant debate slash argument with yourself if what you're wearing will be safe to wear for the day, but self tanning is practically impossible to master when the threat of rain keeps creeping up on us. For instance, you can't go walking around in that new bang on trend suede dress you just bought for half your wages. Oh no, for that treat of rain could turn into a random thunderstorm which will eventually leave your tan looking as though it's in the middle of a breakdown with orange tears rolling down your legs, and with this smudging into your suede dress there's just no chance that stain would come out.

Simple to say, summer hasn't been a very good one for us Brits. However, we can either let this defeat us and bring the jumpers to the front of the wardrobe, or keep going with the summer trends and bring a little essence of floral patterned dresses. I for one see floral dresses as a statement for both summer and autumn styles, as long as you follow the correct colour palette and partner with suitable shoes. Burberry showcased bohemian floral boho maxi dresses for A/W 15 in 70s orange and camel tones, which has been an upcoming trend for the end of summer and makes it's way into autumn. Most models on the catwalk embraced a pair of tights with the floral numbers so lets make this style part of our casual wardrobe.

The new autumn range for H&M proved successful for a colour palette with darker tones with a little pop of contrast, as I picked up a jump-suit to wear casual or formal for only £14.99. Along with an unexpected khaki number from my work (TK Maxx) at only £9 with my discount, i've added two floral garments into my wardrobe which ill be wearing for both summer and autumn.

The thing I like about this dress and jump-suit is the fact the colour palette and earthy tones are acceptable to wear for autumn too so I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Right now the legs are out and the sandals on, but these garments will look just as bright with a pair of trusty (and at times life saving) pair of tights and a tailored monk shoe.

I'm probably not the only one to say they miss summer immensely, and it's not even technically over yet. All I want is the radiant heat from the sun, the big blue skies and an ice cold cocktail to drink from, but alas we're British so there's not much we can do about that. Hello autumn, goodbye summer, see you next year!

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