Monday, August 3, 2015


Mules- a pair of shoes that even your Grandma has heard of, but unfortunatly the pair known to herself is an old fashioned flat shoe that looks like it's escaped from being a member of the Croc family (aka not the prettiest shoe going). Fast forward to 2015 and the mules have had a much needed update with a block heel adding just enough style to make them a staple shoe for this years fashion. Mules have been stomping around at fashion week for a few seasons now, however only now have I managed to find a pair of this unique footwear.
Debenhams online sale proved the place for success as I somehow managed to grab a pair for only £8 from the Red Herring collection (a congratulations wouldn't go a miss). Not only do they fit into my personal style brilliantly, but they give just the right about of height to keep you looking right on trend yet comfortable at the same time. Between me and you, that means it's easier to walk upright after a few drinks and trudging over cobbled back streets.

One of the best, if not the best quality of this shoe is the fact it has no back, so even if you're a half size, like me, and find it difficult or almost a mission to find a pair of snug fitting heels then mules are perfect for you. Just think about it, no blisters on the back of your feet the morning after... ahh the relief. 
My favourite way to style up mules is by teaming them with a pair of culottes. For some reason the shape and place of cut on the shoes matches the length and baggy character of the culottes making them a match made in heaven. The hint of texture of the snake skin effect gives the shoes a little shine making sure they don't get lost in the outfit, or desolate at the bottom of your outfit. Personally an all black or monochrome attire looks the most smart and professional with this look, but adding splashes of contrasting colour can also prove a fashion statement.

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