Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 welly steps to the perfect festival style

Body art

Henna is generally a tool and art form that is used to represent and celebrate the end of Muslim festivals, however over the last few years henna has become a popular art tool among other religions and atheists to show off our creative talents. Festivals are the ideal location to unleash your inner artist as you can go as boho as you wish, as long as you don't get too carried away and cover your entire body (and trust me, it's easily done with how addictive henna is). If you're not one to make a fuss then a simple motif of flowers or an enelpohant brings off enough vibe to say boho. I agree that we've all got a creative side, but some arguably are understandably more gifted than others, so if you're struggling with the henna and can only achieve a stick man, then metallic body art is a great alternative and only comes at around 99p per pack, so you have plenty of choice and plenty of shimmer.

Double denim a crime? I don't think so

There's the old fashion folks tale of the crime of double denim and the obscurity of wearing such a despicable outfit, but are missing the point with this trend? Yes, there is the obvious statement of wearing too much denim, a denim coat, shirt and jeans in one outfit can be a little over bearing and a sight for sore eyes. But surely a pair of dainty shorts and a smart shirt partnered together can break this traditional mainstream tale? Alexa Chung has a trade mark for wearing denim, especially with her festival outfits and own clothing range, and this attire has her name stamped all over it. Even throughout last few years "matchy matchy" has been a trend many of us have tried and gained from, so why should matching denim be any different? If you're having trouble or simply scared to look like a walking roll of denim fabric, just simply break up the denim with belts and exposed skin so you don't cause someone to have a near by fatal denim heart attack. 

Clash of the patterns

There's practically no other place or social gathering where you could wear such a clash of different patterns where it could be any more acceptable than a festival. A T- shirt, shorts, wellies and a raincoat walking through town? Don't be ridiculous. A T-shirt, shorts, wellies and a raincoat at a festival? Absolutely perfect. Take it from me, you can't go wrong with an emergency pack a mac as you collide through rain, wind and a LOT of mud. The raincoat can be your best friend, and at times your saviour at a festival. So choose a huge and outrageous design with watermelons plastered all over it, or go cutesy with tiny daisy print, it's honestly up to you. All I can advise is to go wild and let your inner pattern goddess take over.

Give us a twirl, let's see that dress swish

Okay, this is one of those outfit scenarios when you're basically beaten if the weather doesn't behave itself. The perfect conditions are needed, no wind (for knicker revealing problems), no rain (for freezing your tits off problems, and no mud (for any splash back from the wellies onto your beautiful new dress problems). This all seems pretty hard to accomplish in an English summer, but if we can have at least one day of sun you might as well make the most of it. You might even ask why I'd suggest wearing a dress in the first place, but you'd wear a dress to a gig, so why not a big floral statement shift dress for a festival? Partner it up with a posh cat-eye pair of sunnies and people will think you've walked into the wrong place. Look different from the crowd and go for a dress.

That boho style

Simply Google Vanessa Hudgens wardrobe for the perfect mood board to create a festival style she'd be proud of. Arguably the boho queen of the moment, she uses the bralet shapes, crotchet textures and floating fabrics to create a boho style Florence and the machine would be jealous of. If you're not brave enough, or it's simply not warm enough to go raving around in a bralet (lets not even go into spillage problems), then a boho styled kaftan top will offer the same surfise, if not even better to create the best boho style. It's quite effective how one top can say it all and even make the outfit look pretty simple with a pair of denim shorts. To accomplish the whole outfit, a pair of hoop or feather earrings, along with an indian style face sticker in-between your eyebrows would allow you entry into the most boho tribe going.

Of course, these were my outfits planned for T in the Park, but when emergency bi-polar weather throws itself at your for a whole weekend a jumper and pair of joggers are also your life savers. Keep them packed at the bottom of the bag, you'll never know when you'll quite need them.


  1. Great tips for a stunning festival style! Great post girl!

  2. I have a lot of body art but have yet to actually try them on , I definitely will soon loving the tips!