Thursday, July 16, 2015

WIDE smiles for WIDER trousers

As if British summers weren’t a pain in the backside already with their unpredictable weather warnings, it’s now got to the point of being extremely humid outside yet still typically showing the odd and disappointing signs of rain throughout the day. Not only does this annoy the hell out of us, but makes us question our whole outfit, and ponder the even worse question of getting fake tanned legs out or not. Yes, you can play it safe with a casual pair of skinny jeans but it’s summer we should be letting ourselves breathe, letting ourselves escape and indulge in the summer fashions.

There’s nothing worse than regretting wearing a pair of skinny pants (or even worse, TIGHTS) when you’re out and about on a humid summers day. Not only are they physically restricting with your clammy legs almost morphing into the material with how sticky you are, making them super uncomfortable to wear. To solve this problem fashion has turned on our side this summer, with most of the summer catwalks showing loose and bagging clothing allowing our style can no longer restrict us or our jeans turned limbs.

Before you starting screaming that your legs aren’t tanned enough, you don’t feel comfortable enough wearing a skirt or you don’t trust the wind enough not to suddenly blow a gust of wind making your skirt nearly fly at a 90-degree angle.  You can have all the sensation of wearing a skirt but sneakily wear a pair of culottes or flared trousers. Devious fashion, I like it.

Right now the fashion houses are hyped over the 70s silhouette, with the likes of Stella McCartney and Celine walking similar styles in their S/S 2015 collections. If you fancy a nostalgia trip down the 70s route there’s beautiful prints you could go for with the orange staple tint of the decade. If you want a modern update then maybe a simple monochrome choice of colour to keep it smart and professional. The great thing about wearing flares and culottes is the fact they don’t restrict, whether it’s physically (so you could actually run to the train/ bus if you needed instead of some weird hopping walk whilst trying to keep your skirt down) or in your fashion choices as you can dress them up or down with simple statement accessories.

Just think of it - walking effortlessly and comfortably down the street with a little strut in your step knowing you’re right on trend. You could say it’s almost as comfortable as when trainers became the number one fashion footwear over the last few years with Burberry making them a catwalk favorite. Why not put two and two together and wear culottes and trainers for a modern sports chic look?

Walk, run or even do cartwheels these floating goddess like pants are your best friends for the summer, and even when the clouds make an appearance. Say goodbye to those thigh-hugging skinnies till the autumn, it’s time to escape with a looser fit.

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  1. great post, love the inspiration :)