Friday, July 3, 2015

Sit back, relax and take a sip

Whether you're the kind of person who likes a kick in their drink or something with a sweet aftertaste there's bound to be something you'll find to equipt your tastebuds this summer. This week my purse and liver took a bit of a battering with all the cocktails and Starbucks I ordered. (FYI ordering say amount of cocktails doesn't usually happen all in one week to my normal schedule, but it was my birthday week so if that's a good enough excuse I'll use it).

Something fancy and something zingy

I've already posted about the Slug and Lettuce restaurant and bar previously which has been trading a roaring success between me and my friends since we've been back so many times I couldn't tell you the amount. One main reason we go back is for the 2 for 1 deals they have on cocktails, and the Chester branch I visited this week surprised me, as my Cosmo came with 2 raspberries. I'll be it not that important and I'll be it mainly for the decoration but that's something I've never got before (and I've ordered a lot of cosmos). To add to the Cosmo, a huge glass of pimms surrounded by fruit made a beautiful looking punch to have along side my chicken wrap for I'd ordered for dinner. As well as these, I ordered another favourite of mine (Strawberry Woo Woo) and a new tester for me, a Pina Colada. If I'm honest it didn't taste too bad since I'm a fan of bounty chocolate and the drink had an overwhelming coconut taste. But unfortunately it just reminded me of sipping a cold glass of milk, so unfortunately this cocktail didn't go down too well to my tastes. Yes, before you say it-unusual for me.

Another trip out saw us venture to the bar Revolution, and yet again provided us with a 2 for 1 cocktail treat, I could get used to this. With my classics of Pimms and Strawberry Woo Woo ordered again, it was time to try my ultimate favourite of COSMO. But lo and behold a typical pink coloured potion is not what I got. Instead a lemon coloured cocktail came along side a little jar filled with bubblegum flavoured candy floss. Although, after a few drinks it's hard to tell if you're supposed to mix the candy floss into the drink or eat it separately. Whilst I still had my head (a little) I realised you eat it separately, and that I did and received a blue grinning smile and tongue to match.

Something softer

If you're not into all that cocktail malarky, and just simply want a non-alcoholic beverage then fear not for around every corner in the cities of the UK there is a green mermaid logo to greet you, Starbucks. Yes, you could go for the oh so delicious chocolate cream which is one of Starbucks trademark cold drinks, or you could try something different from their new and limited summer menu drinks. This year the flavours Mango and Strawberry are a hit and have been adapted in new yogurt and juice forms to create a soft drink that still tickles your tastebuds without making you turn out flat on your back. Starbucks previously have included pips and seeds in their summer fruit drinks, which I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of as you constantly feel the need to spit them out. But don't you worry, your cheeks can settle for these new fruit drinks have a smooth sensation making them comfortable and easy to drink. AKA no seed spitting needed.

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