Wednesday, July 22, 2015

T in the park: Round 2

Strathallan Castle-among one of the most beautiful places in the Scottish countryside as well as the new home of T in the Park. You'd question that fact did it play up to the mark as a great festival site? Unfortunately no, the ground was already in a terrible state before the music even began and with hardly any room to camp it was shall we say a little cramped. However if you want the full blown typical British festival experience then there was mud baths pigs would be proud of, wellies were a fashion must every day.

Yes, the site in Balado last year was the best, but of course this didn't affect the festival. We came for the music and the memories to make, so a little bit (a lot) of mud wasn't going to stop us and neither was the fact there was hardly any room for camp chairs.

With the first night including the likes of Kasabian, The Wombats and Sam Smith, Friday had already kicked off to the best start possible. Seeing new bands likes Slaves perform an epic set on the Radio 1 stage then continuing with classic and legendary bands like Kasabian all in one day is something you can't take for granted, even if the mosh pits were a bit too much to handle.

Saturday proved one of the best days seeing headliners Courteeners in the King Huts Wah-Wah tent which presented such an atmosphere I can't even describe. Before Liam Fray came on stage the whole tent was singing in chorus word for word perfect The Stone Roses and Oasis hits, all I could see was a crowd of bucket hats and waving hands in the distance, it really was breathtaking. Earlier in the day artists such as George Ezra and The Vaccines took centre stage and put on incredible sets. It was the first time I'd seen these artists perform and they exceeded a great first impression that it will make me think of purchasing tickets when their next tour dates appear.

Sunday, the day you hope to hurry for the camping side but unfortunately not for the music side, proved the day I was most looking forward to. Not only did I get to see one of my favourite artists-Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds (with the occasional Oasis hit, like Champagne Supernova and one of the most amazing moments at a gig EVER) but I got to see the local lads I've seen many a time, Catfish and the Bottlemen. From seeing them only on the tiny T Break stage last year to seeing them concur the biggest crowd of the weekend for the Radio 1 stage made me feel a little proud of how far they've come in just 1 year.

Would a festival be on the cards again? If T in the Park is held at the same place this time next year then possibly no, but if the line up was so incredible that I couldn't make the words no come out my mouth, then go on then. Most/all of the time spent with my twin sister alone proved the ultimate bonding trip and what says sister bonding more than a can of Kopparberg whilst listening to your favourite band.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

WIDE smiles for WIDER trousers

As if British summers weren’t a pain in the backside already with their unpredictable weather warnings, it’s now got to the point of being extremely humid outside yet still typically showing the odd and disappointing signs of rain throughout the day. Not only does this annoy the hell out of us, but makes us question our whole outfit, and ponder the even worse question of getting fake tanned legs out or not. Yes, you can play it safe with a casual pair of skinny jeans but it’s summer we should be letting ourselves breathe, letting ourselves escape and indulge in the summer fashions.

There’s nothing worse than regretting wearing a pair of skinny pants (or even worse, TIGHTS) when you’re out and about on a humid summers day. Not only are they physically restricting with your clammy legs almost morphing into the material with how sticky you are, making them super uncomfortable to wear. To solve this problem fashion has turned on our side this summer, with most of the summer catwalks showing loose and bagging clothing allowing our style can no longer restrict us or our jeans turned limbs.

Before you starting screaming that your legs aren’t tanned enough, you don’t feel comfortable enough wearing a skirt or you don’t trust the wind enough not to suddenly blow a gust of wind making your skirt nearly fly at a 90-degree angle.  You can have all the sensation of wearing a skirt but sneakily wear a pair of culottes or flared trousers. Devious fashion, I like it.

Right now the fashion houses are hyped over the 70s silhouette, with the likes of Stella McCartney and Celine walking similar styles in their S/S 2015 collections. If you fancy a nostalgia trip down the 70s route there’s beautiful prints you could go for with the orange staple tint of the decade. If you want a modern update then maybe a simple monochrome choice of colour to keep it smart and professional. The great thing about wearing flares and culottes is the fact they don’t restrict, whether it’s physically (so you could actually run to the train/ bus if you needed instead of some weird hopping walk whilst trying to keep your skirt down) or in your fashion choices as you can dress them up or down with simple statement accessories.

Just think of it - walking effortlessly and comfortably down the street with a little strut in your step knowing you’re right on trend. You could say it’s almost as comfortable as when trainers became the number one fashion footwear over the last few years with Burberry making them a catwalk favorite. Why not put two and two together and wear culottes and trainers for a modern sports chic look?

Walk, run or even do cartwheels these floating goddess like pants are your best friends for the summer, and even when the clouds make an appearance. Say goodbye to those thigh-hugging skinnies till the autumn, it’s time to escape with a looser fit.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Sit back, relax and take a sip

Whether you're the kind of person who likes a kick in their drink or something with a sweet aftertaste there's bound to be something you'll find to equipt your tastebuds this summer. This week my purse and liver took a bit of a battering with all the cocktails and Starbucks I ordered. (FYI ordering say amount of cocktails doesn't usually happen all in one week to my normal schedule, but it was my birthday week so if that's a good enough excuse I'll use it).

Something fancy and something zingy

I've already posted about the Slug and Lettuce restaurant and bar previously which has been trading a roaring success between me and my friends since we've been back so many times I couldn't tell you the amount. One main reason we go back is for the 2 for 1 deals they have on cocktails, and the Chester branch I visited this week surprised me, as my Cosmo came with 2 raspberries. I'll be it not that important and I'll be it mainly for the decoration but that's something I've never got before (and I've ordered a lot of cosmos). To add to the Cosmo, a huge glass of pimms surrounded by fruit made a beautiful looking punch to have along side my chicken wrap for I'd ordered for dinner. As well as these, I ordered another favourite of mine (Strawberry Woo Woo) and a new tester for me, a Pina Colada. If I'm honest it didn't taste too bad since I'm a fan of bounty chocolate and the drink had an overwhelming coconut taste. But unfortunately it just reminded me of sipping a cold glass of milk, so unfortunately this cocktail didn't go down too well to my tastes. Yes, before you say it-unusual for me.

Another trip out saw us venture to the bar Revolution, and yet again provided us with a 2 for 1 cocktail treat, I could get used to this. With my classics of Pimms and Strawberry Woo Woo ordered again, it was time to try my ultimate favourite of COSMO. But lo and behold a typical pink coloured potion is not what I got. Instead a lemon coloured cocktail came along side a little jar filled with bubblegum flavoured candy floss. Although, after a few drinks it's hard to tell if you're supposed to mix the candy floss into the drink or eat it separately. Whilst I still had my head (a little) I realised you eat it separately, and that I did and received a blue grinning smile and tongue to match.

Something softer

If you're not into all that cocktail malarky, and just simply want a non-alcoholic beverage then fear not for around every corner in the cities of the UK there is a green mermaid logo to greet you, Starbucks. Yes, you could go for the oh so delicious chocolate cream which is one of Starbucks trademark cold drinks, or you could try something different from their new and limited summer menu drinks. This year the flavours Mango and Strawberry are a hit and have been adapted in new yogurt and juice forms to create a soft drink that still tickles your tastebuds without making you turn out flat on your back. Starbucks previously have included pips and seeds in their summer fruit drinks, which I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of as you constantly feel the need to spit them out. But don't you worry, your cheeks can settle for these new fruit drinks have a smooth sensation making them comfortable and easy to drink. AKA no seed spitting needed.