Sunday, June 21, 2015

Slap on the sun-cream, sun-hat and sunglasses

 Day Uno- Lunes

How much money and time do we actually spend on our summer wardrobe? I know I didn't spend too much money, but making time to plan the outfits effectively to summer trends and predictive weather reports for Barcelona took a few evenings staring at the mountain of clothes in my wardrobe to prepare. First day is always the trickiest however, especially when going to a country that you could practically fry an egg on the pavement from a country still giving wintery chills. It proves a hard task to decide what to wear. In the end culottes seemed the best option, along with a smart and tailored waistcoat. Not only was the shape bang on trend and the colour scheme of monochrome something I felt fit into my style more, but the longer layers made it more appropriate for both climates. 

 Day Dos- Martes

I'm usually one for plain, simple none fuss clothing, but these two items were too irresistible for me to buy. Yes, two completely separate prints, but somehow through the colours work together to create a bubbly and i'll admit flowery outfit for my holiday. Perfect for the Barcelona waves later in the day, but walking around the tourist attractions I felt I needed something to cover myself a little more. The best option was a short sleeved blanket cape to sling over my back whenever the Barcelona breeze hit in. Position a pair of cat eye sunnies gracefully on your summer hairstyle and hey presto, the perfect holiday attire.

 Day tres- Mi√©rcoles

My previous blog posts have raved over the fact I'd finally got my hands on something suede (a major trend for S/S 2015), and of course I couldn't leave it hanging at home, it was coming with me to Barcelona! You might think suede is a little heavy and warm to wear in the hot weather (and to an extent you're right if you're doing a lot of walking that day prepare for a little sweating), but surprisingly whilst sitting for tapas and enjoying the Guadi art it was fine and by the evening one of the best choices as the nights breeze entered the air. One of the best accessories to accompany the plain camel coloured dress was a wide brimmed black fedora hat which proved a blessing keeping the sunburn from getting worse on my head. Just a little bucket of advice for you-make sure you hold your hat down whilst the wind sets in, unlike me; which resulted in a gasp, sprint and sigh of relief after I'd managed to chase after it.

Day cuatro- Jueves

One of my favourite outfits was saved for the last day. With a bargain pair of culotte daisy shorts bought months previous, it was finally time for them to shine (and quite literally in the Barcelona sun). With a smart and simple tailored V neck black shirt, it let the shorts do the talking. Not only are these shorts super cool, their super flattering too making my legs reach Alexa Chung standard on the thinnest and longest legs scale. If only I could wear these shorts in England, but there's just some extents I won't go to despite these being one of my favourite pair of shorts. Bring on the 20 degrees then you have my word. 

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