Saturday, June 13, 2015

My new best friend.

Women are often stereotyped into the obsessive hoarders of shoes and bags, and I can probably say that stereotype is 99.9% true and found myself buying yet another bag to add to my growing, and in some cases battered, collection. For you see, a girl can never have too many bags and even the clutch that seemed to have had better night and even worse morning after than I did, with straps and buckels on the loose, there's something that can't make me part with these bags.Yes it's completely broke, but throwing a bag into the bin, even for a women with no emotional connection to the bag proves a tough ask.

A perfect reason and sometimes (often) excuse to buy a new and expensive handbag is for the "hand luggage" for the airport. Okay, I have bags that could fit the criteria perfectly to accompany me to the airport and take on an adventure abroad, but surly I could make a new friend and bond with a new bag.

BHS proved the odd surprise when I found a perfect bag, not only for the trusty hand luggage but probably for my next year at university. A bold, white and structured bag was something that I was determined to set my eyes upon and BHS allowed me to do just that. Monochrome is a trend I've liked and felt comfortable in for my tailored and minimal style so this bag proved great for me. Not only does it come with secret pockets for our typical womanly junk like the odd tissue and worn out comb, but is big enough to hold my laptop and work files. With a sturdy strap and a washable material this bad is my new best friend. That is until I replace it and find another one to add to the collection, and at only £14.00 for my newest member it surly is a bargain!


  1. gorgeous bag, and the color is amazing. so fresh looking :)