Friday, June 26, 2015

Holiday Haul

Even a trip over the seas can't stop a girl when it comes to shopping. Yes there's sights to see, weird food to eat and crazy things to do but shopping always has a part to play. Whether it's for clothes that are cheaper to buy than at home or some memorabilia from the holiday, shopping is a traditional activity in everyone's holiday.

I bought several suveniers for myself and family from Barcelona like bookmarks, calendars and pottery. Recently I've re-decorated my whole room so pieces to display were a must from me as well as the oh so touristy keyring which now hangs proudly on my house keys. 

If you're a prominent reader of my blog you'll know that Mango and Zara are my favourite shops. Not only do they sell beautiful and top quality clothing, but the tailored simple styles are something I'm comfortable wearing and have shaped my fashion sense. Thanks to this, half of my wardrobe has become Zara and Mango based, something I'm proud and smug about, but also a little worried and guilty about for my purse. 

Being in Barcelona (the home/ birth place of Mango) it would be rude not to have a look at the many Mango's they have there. Not only are they huge inside but they include mens and kids clothing, something you just can't get back in England. I managed to hunt down the perfect shirt dress in a navy colour. Not only is it great for summer but will look just as flattering in the colder months with a pair of tights. With a neat little brown belt which ties simply around the waist, it finishes off the shirt dress perfectly. 

Zara proved much cheaper over in Barcelona than back at home so I made the most of the trip and bought 3 different pieces. Some would say I might have gone overboard but managing to get a summer coat and two tops for 60 Euro's comes in at only around £40. Going absolutely crazy in Zara wasn't the plan, but seeing as the clothes were something a little different than what they'd have over in England, it was fate. Upon entering, a black draping waterfall like summer coat was staring right at me, so obviously I picked it up not to be rude. My favourite part about this coat is the drawstring back that gives it a cool and edgy look from a normal duster coat. Amongst this, even though I was in Barcelona I let out my inner French chic and bought another stripe T to add to my growing collection, as well as a floaty V neck navy summer top. Not only are these essential for my summer wardrobe but every time I wear them it reminds me of Barca. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that.

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