Monday, June 29, 2015

Comfort or pizazz?

In my eyes there’s only two shoes that can go head to head this summer. In the red corner we’ve got the sandal, the shoe that waits a whole year to make a comeback that everyones been waiting for. The shoe that’s got so many variations you can tie it, strap it or slide it. 

Ready to kick in the blue corner we’ve got the sensible shoe, the shoe that everyone has a pair of even if they’re a bit battered or only come out for an airing when the DIY is in full swing. It’s the trust worthy trainer, now a major part in modern fashion all year round. 

Personally I find it impossible to choose my favourite of the two, my sandal collection is getting out of control and the trainer collection is slowly progressing. You’d think the weather would help you to decide and discard the shoe you could wear for the day, but no, even if summer decides to break out in spits of rain we still insist on wearing a sandal. It’s the same with a trainer, even if Britain becomes unusually baking hot we still conclude on wearing a trainer. There’s nothing that won’t chance our mind. 
This week I’ve managed to add another pair of shoes to each of these contenders. A trip to Liverpool lead to a wander around Sports Direct, then before I knew it I was on the way back to my student flat with a shoebox filled with beautiful sports chic Adidas trainers. Not only are these shoes perfect for my work uniform (being able to wear nothing but black) but they’re so cushioned I could have literally jumped over the Liver building when I tried these on. Full of bounce and beauty at only £32, these trainers are now my favourite, that’s until I buy another pair…
A trip to Chester to meet my flat mate surprised me with a huge sale from Zara. It’s a known and proven fact by now that I simply can’t go into Zara without buying anything, so when it comes to the time when my bank account is running low I literally have to deprive myself from Zara, and that proves one of the hardest tasks when there’s the greatest invention ever called internet shopping. This might come as a shock to you but this is my first pair of shoes I’ve bought from Zara, and at only £13 are now my favourite sandal. Not only are they bang on trend and good quality, but when I wore them I was thrown compliments at left right and centre from absolute strangers in the shops. These little black sandals had made my day! 

The battle between the kick boxing trainer and the cool and collected sandal isn't over, and I doubt will be for some time. It's a battle of comfort and pizazz, and if you're like me and have no clue which you prefer, then let's call it a draw. 


  1. Love this post!

    I totally agree, I can never decide between my sandals and my trusty (and slightly tired) converse!

  2. I love both these, the battle is real but I'd always go foe comfort!