Sunday, June 14, 2015

Barcelona blues.

Holiday season has approached and before I could say the word Barcelona I was on the plane flying over the sunny blue skies of Spain that I so rarely see in England. With Spanish tiles left right and centre and apartments accompanied by balconys stretching into the sky I felt as though I'd traveled into a completely different world. And I loved it. With a chorus of motor scooters and the heat so hot I could finally get my legs out for my summer wardrobe, Barcelona was the place I longed to be.

In 5 days I soaked up my inner Spanish SeƱorita and ordered tapas with my friends, spent the afternoons on the beach sipping cocktails and rushed onto the metros. Being an arty person I was already interested in any quirky architecture, but seeing Gaudi's work in Spain really opened my eyes into an alien style I'd never seen before with shapes and colours I thought never existed. Restaurants, beach's, parks and fountains were all part of the holiday list along with many more places I got to see. By the time I'd let out my inner tourist it was time to go, and let me tell you there's nothing more depressing than flying from a country covered in blue to a country surrounded by grey. I think it's safe to say I've got the Barcelona blues, I'll need a week to recover that the holiday is over and being back at work and reality. 


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  2. Amazing post dear!