Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer set trends

Like a soft kitten you can't help but pet, its suede. 
From the likes of Chloe, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs each of their S/S 2015 catwalks involved the slight soft touch of suede in their collections. Ranging from big and bulky trench coats to slim and chic A line dresses, there's plenty of options of how to wear suede. I like to match the suede trend with the minimalism of neutral colours and simple shapes. A straight cut dress in a tan shade brings the summer glow to your skin, whilst partnering the outfit with a bulky pair of sandals makes you look the part for a summers day. One tip I'd give you however, is be careful for those typical British summer days, (you know the ones; the pouring down rain, with a hint of hurricane wind) one tiny splash of water can ruin the whole suede material making a darkened patch in some cases. Who wants a patch near their crotch area? I'm guessing no one so keep suede safe for the sunny days.
Are you brave enough for the overwhelming culottes?
First thing that springs to mind when seeing a pair of culottes gracefully draping from the hanger is what on earth do you wear with them? Arguably one of the trickiest pieces of clothing for this years wardrobe, yet rewardingly one of the most fashionable if you can master these cropped trousers. I find one of the best ways to wear culottes is pairing them up with sandals, to balance the attention of skin on your feet so that your culottes don't jump out too much. Like wise with suede, the best colour palette is to stick with the neutrals or keep it monochrome so that the colour doesn't overpower the culottes shape. Yes, you have to be brave, confident and have the will power to know how to wear culottes, but with 10 minutes working it out like a school exam question, you'll soon find the answer with a simple crisp shirt.

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  1. I was looking at a suade dress like that in new look a few weeks a go but I didn't know how it would look on. I really like the way it looks here, I wish I'd bought it!