Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Drinks up

It's the end of University till September and the most obvious student thing to do is get absolutely wasted. The day after the night before you're probably never going to drink again, but lets face it, it's a phrase we all say to make us feel less guilty for drinking so much.

Getting wasted however isn't the only option. To feel a little more classy compared to that cheap bottle of Rose, why not spoil yourself with a few pitchers and cocktails. Yes, we know cocktails are pricey little glasses but think of the feeling of enjoying such a pretty and cool looking drink with that lemon on the side and that mint leaf at the bottom.

The first part of student freedom lead me and my friends to the restaurant known just as well for their cocktails as much as their Tapas, Las Iguanas. With 4 pitchers between the 4 us, we definitely had enough with myself getting a cheeky 6/7 glasses out of it. "Mango Collins" sat proudly in-between the tapas at the table, a vision of yellow sunshine to match the unusual hot sunny day. With a combination of fresh mango, triple sec and vodka, every sip was a delight. My favourite however was the "Strawberry red", not only did it remind of nostalgic pink lemonade but it tasted beautiful thanks to the Liquor, Malibu and mixture of lemonade and cranberry juice. At £17 each for the pitchers it was money well spent between the four of us providing us with drinks to keep us going for a whole 3 hours.

Frankie and Bennies proved an interesting place for a surprising list of unusual cocktails. Yes, I stuck with a traditional Cosmopolitan for that classy feeling, but letting out my more childish side I enjoyed a "Strawberry shortcake", some kind of ice cream/ milkshake thing with a dash of Diccionario. Since it involved Diccionario I thought it would include a more almondy scent and taste that Diccionario has (in my palette anyway), but god forbid only Strawberry came though, oh the pain. £7 taken from my name, was it worth the price? For the taste of alcohol? No, it tasted only of ice cream. But for nostalgia and a pretty jazzy looking glass? Yes. Question is, where to next?

Monday, May 4, 2015

International print trend package

During University this year I've been developing a trend package. If you're a keen reader of my blog you'll know of my previous posts involving the photoshoots forwards my package, but for those of you who have no clue what a trend package even is (don't worry I was the same at first) let me give you a helping hand. A trend package basically includes an upcoming trend, usually 2 years ahead. In the package inspiration from artists, locations and history are included to give a back-up to where the trend or print has emerged from. Following this, photoshoots of materials and garments are developed and hey presto you've got a trend package. Pretty simple after you know what it is.

My trend combines the prints of henna for the skin and Spanish tiles for the garments. These prints originate from opposite sides of the atlantic, Spain and North Africa, therefore many of the prints combine together since their on each others border. In fact, Morocco is also known as Spanish Morocco due to the heavy investment of Spanish tile style from across the border.

Overall it was a great module to complete in University and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out like. I've picked out the best pages of the package, please let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer set trends

Like a soft kitten you can't help but pet, its suede. 
From the likes of Chloe, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs each of their S/S 2015 catwalks involved the slight soft touch of suede in their collections. Ranging from big and bulky trench coats to slim and chic A line dresses, there's plenty of options of how to wear suede. I like to match the suede trend with the minimalism of neutral colours and simple shapes. A straight cut dress in a tan shade brings the summer glow to your skin, whilst partnering the outfit with a bulky pair of sandals makes you look the part for a summers day. One tip I'd give you however, is be careful for those typical British summer days, (you know the ones; the pouring down rain, with a hint of hurricane wind) one tiny splash of water can ruin the whole suede material making a darkened patch in some cases. Who wants a patch near their crotch area? I'm guessing no one so keep suede safe for the sunny days.
Are you brave enough for the overwhelming culottes?
First thing that springs to mind when seeing a pair of culottes gracefully draping from the hanger is what on earth do you wear with them? Arguably one of the trickiest pieces of clothing for this years wardrobe, yet rewardingly one of the most fashionable if you can master these cropped trousers. I find one of the best ways to wear culottes is pairing them up with sandals, to balance the attention of skin on your feet so that your culottes don't jump out too much. Like wise with suede, the best colour palette is to stick with the neutrals or keep it monochrome so that the colour doesn't overpower the culottes shape. Yes, you have to be brave, confident and have the will power to know how to wear culottes, but with 10 minutes working it out like a school exam question, you'll soon find the answer with a simple crisp shirt.