Friday, April 10, 2015

Everything will be all bright

We’ve all done it. The lazy day, most likely a Sunday, when you chuck on a drawstring hoodie and pair of old jeans that you lounge about in whilst you sit and debate which box set to binge on. Clearly those days we just couldn’t give a toss what we’re wearing, but knowing you’re going out for the big wide world to see we have to make some kind of effort. Whether we pick a periwinkle shirt or a cornflower dress, does wearing a brighter colour make you feel happier?  

Take the pastel craze for example, an obvious statement to look overly cute that puts my little pony to shame. Take the neon trend from past summers, an obvious statement to look bright, colourful and by all mean attention seeking. With all these special colours at that summer time of the year this instantly puts a smile on your face knowing that A) you’re bang on trend and B) the colours literally brighten up your day giving you a whole new outfit, after all it’s not every day you can get away with a neon bomber jacket.

I take that every day you’re not going to feel like jumping out of bed and tucking into a healthy fruit breakfast and slipping on a neon yellow T-shirt. Frankly, there’s the times when you couldn’t give a monkeys about the day so going all extravagant in colour is probably out of the picture. You’re safest yet sophisticated option of an all black attire, with the only burst of colour being the tick logo on your Nike trainers seems like the best way. But have you considered trying on a lightly colourd shirt or duster coat even if you feel like channeling your inner dullness. I’m not saying it will totally transform your mood but I’m pretty sure it will make you feel a little more positive for the day ahead. 

Summer trends are a given for feeling positive in your outfits but what about the other seasons? Surely winter, autumn and spring aren’t that hard to master. A trend that is sweeping the fashion industry at the moment is monochrome, which has been constantly in fashion for a couple of years now and, in a way, never ages. Bringing a swipe of white to any outfit will lift up your spirits seeing as the colour white can connote freshness and hope.

As far as keeping things simple goes then stick to the white, but giving you that overall positive feeling needs a boost, a pop and what’s better than the colour red? Even though it’s a hugely sexual orientated colour, red can make you suddenly feel so much more stylish. It’s a proven fact that red can make women feel so much better and attractive about themselves, it’s one of the reasons why the Special K brand advertising has women dressed in red. Have you also noticed how all the women are happy, and it’s not because of the overly priced breakfast bars, it’s the colour red.