Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2015


Celine always gives us a hint of delicacy in their collections and for 2015 it looks like Celine will be the "cream" of the crop. Not only is their collection very creamy in it's colour but the movement and loose fit in their garments is certainly what 2015 is all about, as this year the fashion world is taking much of their inspiration from the 70s loose fitting and baggy shapes. The neutral look of the collection is what appeals to me most as it lets the shape and movement do all the talking instead of focusing on pattern and prints. From a simplistic view Celine is one the cleanest designers that A/W 2015 has had us shown, but don't they say simple is the best?


We've had the legacy of being in a supermarket, being in the middle of a protest, and now being in the middle of a French Cafe. Lagerfeld certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to organising one of the biggest shows all us fashion folk are waiting for. You see, Chanel is the 24 carrot gold, the cherry on top, the one you're always kind of loyal to. For many collections now the garments have been quite bulky and re-discovering smart fabrics like tweed, and for this collection their treasured tweed has been used once again. Not only does this collection spark memories of the 20s when Chanel began with the slim silhouettes and use of pattern, but it also is similar to Chanel's first work when she focused on producing women suits. With a cup of coffee, a spiral doorway and a booth to sit in this show really was one to remember as definitely worth the watch!


For the last two fashion weeks the designers seem to be split onto two teams. In the red corner we've got the delicate and feminine shapes and in the blue corner we've got the bold and military like silhouettes. For Lanvin the whole collection stayed very dark in colour and resembled the masculine shapes through the smart tailoring, buckle belts and mid high boots. Even though the collection is very dark there is still so much detail in the garments through the accessories and piping around the edge of the clothing giving the collection a real sense of texture. We all know the black is most certainly the easiest colour to wear in the morning, and arguably one of the best colours so Lanvin seemed to have played the right card here.

 Stella McCartney

Normally if clothes didn't fit you'd probably take them back I'm guessing? Unless you're one of many talented creative who can quickly sew and alter the garment to fit (and if so well done you). Stella was adamant on the garments to be oversized supporting some kind of blanket type of look, but whatever you call it I'm totally all in on it. The use of baggy garments in asymmetric and layering lines looks right on trend of A/W 2014, and again resembles the loose fit of the 70s clothing. Not only will you be right on trend with Stella's collection, but I'm guessing you'll be really cosy and warm. I'm not saying no to a walking blanket with armholes, when can I order?


If Valentino's collection wasn't already enough, out from the catwalk charged Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to mark the occasion of Zoolander 2. If that wasn't the coolest announcement I don't know what is. Anyway, back to the collection... it's a well known fact that Valentino are one of the most delicate and detailed fashion brands we get to see, and have embraced this side of their work again. However, for half of their collection they played the monochrome game. The game that's simple yet chic. With a moment of the lines, fabric and stripes, that's pretty much all this part of the collection did but they certainly did it justice making their garments are elegant and beautiful as ever. They injected their detail of emboidrery we're used to seeing on their later garments of the show which showed a style and theme of tribal inspiration from the aztec decor to the snake print patterns. The question is are Valentino going for the mixed approach next time, or just the simple or the detailed? S/S 16 will only tell.


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