Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Milan Fashion Week A/W 2015

Dolce and Gabbana

Mom's the word according to Dolce and Gabbana for this collection. The whole show was dedicated to motherhood as models uniquely smiled down the catwalk cradling babies whilst some of the garments incorporated a child's drawing onto them. This narrative has never really been done in fashion before and was making a huge statement that Dolce and Gabbana aren't just targeting the young audience, but the mothers and older generation out there too. We all need fashion no matter how old we are! The rose symbol has been current throughout many of their previous collections and isn't left behind for A/W as they appliqué and print them onto mid length dresses.


Panels for your skirts? How does that sound? Annoying I'm guessing, but Fendi makes the panels on skirt look very convincing, but as for the moon boots I think I'll pass. Unless going for a Neil Armstrong vibe is your kind of style. The colour pallet from Fendi is right up my street keeping it neutral and simple, yet managing to give a bold image. Even by the models only wearing the colour white, manage to stand out from the rest (and not by looking like a ghost, may I add) even though white is associated a delicate and soft image. The use of PVC material was apparent throughout the whole collection giving the garments a kind of shine and shimmer as the models strutted down the catwalk.

Giorgio Armani 

If any day you're feeling blue, then Giorgio Armani is your main man to get an outfit to match your mood. With a collection full of grey and blue tones it feels as though Armani has taken us 100 years into the future when we'll all be wearing metallic and best friends with a Robot.  Even though the colour palette had taken us into the future, the shapes and tailoring resembles much of the 1960s era with the round neck collars and cigarette trousers. One thing is for sure, Armani is messing with our heads taking us back and forth with all this inspiration, just give me that silver suit jacket and lets get out of here!


Another designer ready to break the rule of florals for spring only was Gucci as half of their collection included the pattern blooming all over the place. Not only do they pull it off, they manage to bring a whole detailed look to the floral pattern through using hand embroidery such as on the jumpers. One thing I'm confident they break the rules on however is the fluffy slipper like shoes some of the models trudged in. I've got to admit I do love my slippers but I think I'd manage to change into a socially respectable pair of shoes before stepping out the door in the morning. The colour palette looks quite neutral and folk like with camel, soft blues and peach tones which brings that essence of traditional the A/W wardrobe.


Moschino has always been, ermm shall we say strange, but strange is good. Strange is the 2009 Alien Alexander McQueen show which is now one of the most remembered and respected catwalks in history. If your catwalk is strange, you know we're never forgetting it! The motifs of the Looney Tunes really did make us think Moschino had gone a little looney themselves, but by giving Daffy Duck a gangster makeover and the garments to match a sportswear style, Moschino pulled it off. If I by some chance magically won the lottery (even though I don't even buy tickets) and could afford one I'd say dips on Sylvester, who doesn't want a gangster version of Sylvester on their front? Not to slay Moschino but using it for Pyjamas would probably make me feel little more comfortable. 


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