Wednesday, March 4, 2015

London Fashion Week A/W 2015

Erdem has always managed to make a name for itself at London Fashion Week through beautiful collections and it's fine eye for the little details. That didn't stop for A/W 2015 however, they decided to take things to the shiny side by embracing a whole colour palette of metallics along with a floral pattern we usually encounter with S/S collections. With the darker tones and the bolder shapes Erdem challenges the typical expectations of A/W making florals acceptable for any time of the year. One of the best things about using metallics for A/W is that the sun is less likely to bounce off the fabric and end up casting a hard light as though your mums just opened the curtains for you to get up out of bed. Who knew we actually wouldn't want the sun.
Holly Fulton
One of the less popular designers at London Fashion week is Holly Fulton, however that doesn't mean to say her collections aren't as extravagant as the top designer you're all looking out for. With a colour palette soft and delicate, and materials light and floaty her collection gave the most gentle approach to fashion. The focal points of the garments are the burst of sugar dust pink in a shiny PVC fabric that clashes with the unstructured skirts and sheer like tops.
Over the last few years Burberry have re-branded their collections and image by creating a whole new outlook on their image. From the typical and traditional check print that brought home the fact Burberry is a true British designer through the huge amount of tartan they used, they've now put that to one side, and for catwalk collections embraced patterns from all over the globe. This collection has a clear folk theme as models strut down the catwalk with lengths of materials swinging with the movement for fringing in warm and orange tones that instantly transport you to a lodge with a log fire. Even though Burberry moved away from their signature Burberry check tartan for their shows, they've kept with the honourable trench coats but used different patterns on the coat for a whole new, symmetrical and colourful style.
 Michael Van Der Ham
A designer I'd never heard of before had caught my eye through his elegant collection I'd seen on Vogue's website. With the use of sheer last season for S/S being at the top of the scale, some designers decided to incorporate the hard yet masterful look of sheer into their A/W collections. The use of blue and violet colours are clear from the start as most of his collection is fantasised in the tone, however he does embrace a few popping colours like red for a bolder approach. The floral patterns that Erdem have embraced have been continued into Michael's collection through the bold and abstract floral shapes that appear over the sheer fabric for a textured and detailed effect. The strongest garments he produces are the sheer skirts at maxi and mid length as the movement of the material instantly makes the garment that more delicate.
Temperley London
A brand that's been lurking around in the past for a while, but is less reported about at London Fashion week is Temperley London. Ran by Alice Temperley, she creates off the wall beautiful garments similar to Valentino's standard of detail. The use of tile and tapestry patterns are a vivid theme with many of her garments using some kind of relevant motif or shape. The colour of these garments are exquisite through the mixture of dark and light tones of one overall colour with a hint of green to compliment to blue. Even though it sounds so simple to use one colour, she's used it so effectively to create depth and detail in the garment. With a few contrasting elements like white and black for the minor yet important details it bring the collection the fishing touch. Even though I haven't been keeping a look out for Temperley London in the past, I will definitely be doing in the near future.

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