Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's day gift guide

Frame, cup and cards: Paperchase...Notebook: Chroma Stationary...Marie cat: Disney store...Necklace: Tiffany and co... Perfumes...The perfume shop.  
Whether you're single or not single, Valentine's Day is of course a little bit cringe. But no matter what we think of it we always celebrate it each year with a heart shaped box of chocolates, a bunch of roses (probably a few quid from Tesco) and a heart warming/heart cringing card.
Why not break the stereotypical Valentine's Day gifts and buy something your partner would actually want, something they can keep and remind them of you. Sounds like a better plan yes?


One of the best and most personal gifts you could offer to give this year could be a Chroma Stationary book. Not only can you personalise it with your name, but can also engrave an image as well. You could pick anything you'd like, the possibilities are endless.

I decided to order one myself and since I'm obsessing over Lord of the Rings 24/7 lately I thought a reference to that would be worth while. For a partner this personalisation could be something special. Your partners a keen baker? Engrave a drawing of a cake. Your partner has their own business? Engrave their logo. Who said Valentine's Day had to be all lovey dovey roses that spend a whole week wilting away in a corner of a room.

With the Moria door delicately sculpted into the notebook and the quote "speak friend and enter" I thought I'd come up with the most creative and quirky entry to a notebook going, that if there was some kind of notebook award I would be up for first place. With lots of colours to choose from it was an almost impossible task to pick from all the different styles, I took it as though it was a life or death scenario even though at the end of the day it was only a little notebook. But no it was more than that. Not only do you have choice with the colour but the paper can be lined, plain or squared, that however was thankfully an easier choice than picking the colour.

After days of constantly checking the mail and spending half my time thinking when it would be delivered, when it finally came the wrapping resembled a work of art I felt desperate to open but at the same time felt guilty due to the beauty of the packaging. After a tear of the tissue paper the rest was history and behold my masterpiece underneath! With a glossy texture and a beautiful design the notebook was finally mine. Mine, mine mine.

Not only is it a perfect size for my bag so I can write whenever I need to, but it's a beautiful gift to myself. Happy Valentines to me from me.

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