Monday, February 23, 2015

New York Fashion Week A/W 2015

 Karen Walker
Fashion week has once again made its way back into our calendars and to traditionally kick/strut it all off is New York. One of the collections I liked best for A/W 2015 was the less popular designer Karen Walker as her colour scheme consisted of warm tones to brighten up the winter months. One of my favourite pieces in the shearling coat which completes the outfit perfectly whilst keeping a purpose to make you nice and toasty. Walker isn't a designer I'd heard of before, and since she's profoundly less popular she creates more of a unique folksy style to make her collection stand out from the rest. Her collection however does hinder the Burberry A/W 2014 collection through the shearling coats and floral patterns. Next time Karen Walker will be a name I'll be looking out for. 
Lacoste, often known as the sporty brand have embraced designs much more than just a polo neck T-shirt you'd wear to tennis (unless you count wearing a long buckled coat as part of your gym wear). With a collection based on stripes and odd shapes printed on fabric, Lacoste created something unique they've never had before. The garments that have contrasting stripes from top to bottom makes you instantly look taller due to the length of the line, which I'm not complaining about. Speaking of stripes, Lacoste embraced typical patterned lines from the look of the cricket jumper, which was probably their only use of sportswear in their collection. Their colour palette ranged from matching, harmonious and contrasting tones to make their collecting both eye catching and subtle.
Naeem Khan
One of my favourite designers at New York fashion week is always Naeem Khan. His garments are mostly based on an evening gown creation as most of this collection included dresses down to the floor. Another thing he specialises in is his use of detail that produces a texture for the garment. The immense detail of beading and hand embroidery make these dresses all the more personal that even though you'd have to take out a loan to afford it, you'd feel an awful less guilty knowing someones hand made it for yourself as though it's a special gift to you. The style Khan went for tended to resemble the 1920s through the heavy beaded top and sleek and slender line of the dresses. His colour  palette used earthy tones which are usually hard to pull off in design, such as the mossy green colour, but the embellishment of the garment made the colour all worth while.
Tory Burch
Tory Burch made her huge stomp into the fashion design industry with her A/W 2014 collection last year as she designed a whole collection on her personal inspiration of military uniform to achieve an original array of garments no other design had that year. This year she's once again made an impact on this years fashion week with detailed beautiful prints and embellishments all over the garments. My favourite part of the collection is how the patterns tend to be symmetrical down the centre line making everything look much more neat and precise. The accessories she ended to focus on where long necklaces and belts. The inspiration for the pattern came from Middle Eastern origins and gave the collection an obvious theme from the start. I already can't wait for Burch's S/S 2016 collection!
It's all about getting toasty and warm these winter months, and why wouldn't you? When Jack Frost is at his most bitchy stage of the year you shouldn't have to put up with his BS. Turtle and polar necks have been in fashion in the winter months for the last couple of years now and it looks as though they're not going anywhere yet as DKNY paraded huge polar necks down the catwalk that resembled more of a weird neck shield at times through the massive lines that caressed this chins, but hey they deserve warmth just as much as your neck. The colour palette tended to be quite dark and monochrome with a hint of vibrant blue and navy to give an edge to the collection. DKNY always produce very different collections each season, and I'm happy to say that this is definitely one of their best. Comfy, warm and baggy, yet you'd still look 100% on trend.


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