Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heels Vs. Flats

It’s not an easy decision for a girl to choose between heels and flats. In fact, it’s probably the longest debate any girl could put herself through. You see there are many pros and cons on either side that a simple 5-second decision is usually turned into an hours pondering and stressing of which you could look your best in, most comfortable in and least regretful in. Welcome to the battle of Heels Vs. Flats.

The Devil and the Angel

Every girls dream wardrobe is some kind of magical spinning walk in one that resembles more of a roundabout than a wardrobe. Think about it, all those shoes lined up in rainbow order, and which looks the prettiest? Your heels of course. Not only are they usually the most beautiful kind of shoe any girl could wear, but they also have a power of making you suddenly feel tall, proud and more girly that as soon as you put them on you really don’t want to take them off. Heels have a gift of their own to make all the attention come to you, the hypnotizing noise of the bottom of the heels touching the floor as you so proudly walk with an almost strut in your step. Nothing could beat that feeling… until you come to a solid walkway of cobbled streets. The horror of all things, a heels worst nightmare, that it makes the word of “heel” sound like “hell”. It’s an obstacle course no woman can bare with, the tripping and tongue sticking out for better concentration isn’t the best of all looks.  I’m pretty sure falling over on cobbles is 10 times more likely on a Saturday night when you’ve had a cosmopolitan or a bottle of rose too much.

The heels that were once your best friend that you caressed in your hands as you felt the glossy texture slip onto your foot like a Cinderella scenario are now suddenly a villain. As soon as you’re home you’ll flick them off kicking your legs up and down so much you could join the cabaret. You quickly toss them in a corner with a mixture of anger and relief on your face and you massage the bottom of your feet and toes now suffering from the height of your day. Yes, heels are a beautiful thing, but there’s only so much we can take.

Your friend and your foe

We know flat are more of a casual thing, but don’t underestimate the flats on a night out, in fact it can save you a lot of bother (*cough* the cobbles) but also if you find yourself embarrassingly tall then flats can save your day. One of the best things you’ll get with flats is that they’re so much easier to pack for your holidays, you can pack them together like some kind of brickwork that you can keep going and going piling more shoes into the suitcase. To make your outfits even better they come in all sorts of styles, loafers, sandals, boots, trainers, dolly shoes, brogues, - you name it and flats will have it. The comfiest of all shoes that the shoeniverse has given to use is the trainer. They’re unbelievably comfy that they’re like a bed for your feet. It’s a proven fact (via my own purse) that a £3 pair of trainers from Primark are just a as comfy and easy to walk in than Nike’s at £82, so it just goes to show whichever pair of trainers you buy, cheap or cheerfully expensive, your feet are going to be nice and relaxed and best of all blister free. But what do you do when trainers aren’t in fashion? It’s only the past couple of years they’ve actually came back into fashion and if you wore them before hand people guessed you were either on your way to the gym or liked the chavy style. I’m guessing they’ll be staying in fashion for some time now with Burberry even wearing them for S/S 2015, lets hope it’s a trend which will stay for a long, long time.

Putting the trainers aside, there’s a theory that wearing flats 24/7 is actually just as bad for your feet as wearing heels all the time as they can ruin the arch of your foot (this is minus the trainers, they’re a god send in their own right). Even your longest and most trustworthy pair of flats are going to take its toll just as a trustworthy pair of heels would. We’ve all been there, you’re walking through town when suddenly the sole either comes fully off, or half up that forms some kind of lip for your flats to speak to you. This turns into a dramatic moment when you’re desperately clinging onto your flats as you try and make it home that your toes transform into some kind of hobbit claws grasping onto your shoes as thought it’s a life and death experience. To make matters worse you’ve probably just stepped into a huge puddle making your whole foot soaking wet and embarrassingly squeaky as you trudge on home.

You see with Heels Vs. Flats it’s a hard battle that always seems to tie. I appreciate both kinds of shoe in my life and that’s the way it’s going to stick for now. 


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