Friday, February 13, 2015

A fashion circle

How does the year 2045 sound to you? Far Far away I’m guessing. But in terms of fashion, what will be parading down the catwalks? As a stereotypical thought as soon as we hear the word “future” our instincts instantly presume the world will be covered in white, glossy and shiny buildings and that our best friends are most likely to be a talking robot. But how much of all this is actually going to come true?

Whether we like it or not, it's the year 2015 and we probably predicted back in the 80s that fashion by now would be completely futuristic with girls in the street twirling around in silver metallic skirts reflecting in the sun. Yet in reality fashion has gone in the opposite direction, going back to traditional styles throughout the eras that have been. If you're unconvinced just take a trip down to the high street right now and you'll see a whole range of different types of flares. Flares, the iconic pant of the 70s disco scene, were considered a thing of the past, something we thought would never re-enter our lives, but no they're back from the 70s and itching their way back into the wardrobe (even though they're one of the most annoying trip hazards, that if there was some kind of insurance I think I'd take it). 

The designer brands of S/S 2015 Fashion Week had their fair share of updated looks from the different eras. Valentino embraced the maxi dress with busy patterns which are both iconic of the 70s fashion. Go 10 years backwards and you can see that Prada have taken a huge amount of inspiration from the 60s with the A line dresses, single-breasted camel coats and high necklines. Fancy going back another 10 years to the 50s then take a look at Michael Kors collection. The garments have clear signs of the Christian Dior “New look” with the full circular skirts full of body in material.

J.W Anderson however, took more the smaller details into account rather than the initial shapes. His S/S 2015 collection showed the essence of a 1910/1920-menswear suit. We already know that fashion is becoming more unisex and gender friendly, and Anderson proved this further by creating a women’s wear from menswear. From the chains hanging off the waistcoat to the ruffles and ties sculpted equally down the dresses, these tiny finishes make the difference between an ordinary plain suite to an outstanding transformation of a lost era. It’s a smart move from Anderson as this kind of garment could be worn out casual, to work or for eveningwear. Take your pick.

They say we live in a circle of life, and maybe and most probably we live in a circle of fashions. Styles are constantly being rotated around and being a shaken up for a modern touch before being launched down the catwalk. Yes metallic and new technology in fashion (in ways of printing the fabric to gadget components) are a new trend in the fashion industry but that doesn’t mean the traditional shapes and styles are going anywhere soon. We need the past to make the future. We need the trench coat, we need the parka, we need the leather jacket, we need… oh you get the picture! 


  1. Love that article.
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  4. it's so interesting to see fashion evolve, love these collections!

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  5. This is so true. Instead of wearing metallic we are going back to 80s and 90s trends. Even vintage clothing became cool!

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