Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sports casual

2015 is definitely the year of the trainer. We've already seen a glimpse of them in 2014, rising in popularity, but now they're stomping all over the place. We know they're here to stay seeing as many designers such as the big Burberry paraded them down the S/S 2015 catwalk. This can further show the rise of the unisex clothing ranges between both genders as the girls are starting to take the boyish look into their wardrobes. Sometimes it is a little difficult to master the trend without looking as though you're about the pop off for a gym work out, but with matching sportswear up with accessories and oversized jumpers you'll master this trend in no time.
Pants: Zara/ Bobble: Topshop/ Polar neck: New Look/ Shoes: Topshop/ Jumper: George at Asda/ Bag: Zara

Jumper: Zara/ Trainers: Primark/ Watch: Ebay/ Trousers: Mango.

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