Sunday, January 25, 2015

My everyday make-up routine

Whether you're in the mood for a new make up routine or simply want to improve your own, take a look into my morning make up run and feel free to take some tips!

1-Cream of the crop

The great thing about Clinique liquid foundation is how long it lasts. My previous bottle lasted a good 3 months, and for £25 a bottle it's worth every penny. Yes, £25 does sounds a little hefty for a tiny bottle of make up but you really do get your money's worth. However, it wasn't the long lasting specialty of the bottle that attracted my attention, it was the fact that it is completely oil free. Being a person who has oily skin and was constantly having breakouts, I was getting to the point of feeling guilty for wearing make-up and plastering my skin in something it didn't want to be in. After using Clinique my skin has now behaved with no harsh or huge breakouts, hallelujah! For application use a cotton swab to dot the make up around your face and simply rub in for a natural look. I'm already 100% certain me and Clinique are best friends for life.

2-Cover it up

No matter how much foundation we apply there's always that one little mark from a bully of a spot that's still lingering on your skin. Even though the blemish is not ready to say goodbye just yet, using Maybelline cover stick concealer can hide it for the rest of the day. Its simple and effective to use as long as you blend it well into the rest of your foundation. Also, being in the shape of a lipstick comes in really handy to keep in your handbag. Forget the trademark red lippy as the life saver in the handbag, its time for the concealer stick to do some saving of its own.

3-Maybe its matte maker

Even though the Clinique make up is saviour in itself, my skin sometimes does have a shine to it on the cheeks. With a brush of Maybelline matte power across my skin its bye bye reflective cheeks, hello airbrushed blemishes. Not only does it remove any signs of shine, it balances out your skin tone and hides blemishes more to make your day a little stress free. By picking the lightest colour it can also act as a highlighter to achieve the contouring make-up, but only to a certain extent does it work. If you're after that kind of look a highlighting cream will be much more beneficial.

4-Power of the powder

Contouring has been a major hit with all the celebs for bright and structured make-up. In fact the idea of contouring had come from the make-up artists at Hollywood, but now its time for Hollywood to come to us. Obviously we're not going to go all out with the highlighter every single day as that's pretty expensive stuff, but using a simple dark blush on your cheekbone helps to give your face more depth and shape. TOP TIP: When you're choosing your blusher make sure you opt for a non-shimmer version or else you'll be looking like a fairy, which I'm guessing isn't the look you want, unless you're Tinker bell that is.


I've never usually been interested in using eye shadow during college, however when the summer holidays returned I found myself becoming soaked up by the world of eyeshadow, and in a way disappointed I hadn't tired it sooner. With a flick through magazines tutorials and a quick watch of Zoella's step by step guides, I became a pretty confident eye make-up guru. There's never a day goes by without me applying my nude eyeshadow kit, which can also add to the contouring around the eye area. With great blending, comes great outcomes. Eye make-up is truly an art in itself.

6-Smooth and simple

I've always been a fan of the 1960s styles, and one of the major trends that still is used today in our make-up from that era is the cat flick eyeliner. There's many different styles to try, and to be honest it depends how steady and balanced your hand is on the day of applying it, you're either going to have a neat thin line, or a thicker style due to having a little wobble of the hand (but shhh no one knew that!). I find the eyeliner with the most control is the Rimmel London brand as it has a secure brush that gives excellent results. As for the bottom lashes, using a pencil is best I find, due to how quick you can apply it. The only problem in all of this is of course is getting the eyes to match, that can only be achieved by the make-up master of the eyeliner. (If you count yourself as the master you're either highly gifted with an extraordinary balanced hand, or you're a little cocky thinking your good enough).

7- MASS-cara

In a previous blog post I'd written about a make-up haul where I bought the Rimmel London Wonderfull mascara, and let me tell you it's the most "wonderfull" mascara I've ever used. Not only does it boost up and volumes your lashes, but it lasts for months without going lumpy or bumpy. It's around £7 in Boots stores, however sometimes is available on offers with their cards, so if you're not signed up for a Boots card I'd highly suggest you get one. Even though I'm only on about £3.50 saved I've still the option of buying some kind of toothpaste or nail polish for free, life could be worse.

8-Boost up those brows 

In the past few years the eyebrows have only just started to become one of our major worries in the make-up routine. Before Cara came along with her beloved pet twin fuzzy eyebrows we felt little need to colour them in, but now Cara's more popular than ever it's become a huge part of our make-up routine. Some people like to go all out with eyebrow kits, but I feel a natural and better result comes from using a simple eye brow pencil. I bought the Rimmel London eyeshadow pencil around 1 and a half years ago and I'd say I've still got another 2 years left on that pencil. It lasts for ages and does the job just as it says on the tin (well pencil).

9-Chap chap

Even though a lot of girls fantasise about the lipsticks, I somehow find lipsticks and lip glosses a little annoying to wear. I feel as if I've just broke the girly rule number 1, but I'd rather use a chap stick to avoid the lipstick on teeth disaster or the hair plastered to lip scenario. Not only does the chap stick heal your lips if you have a habit of biting the skin on them like me (I should probably stop that), but they also come in AMAZING FLAVOURS that if they were acceptable to eat I probably would. Personally, this chap stick in my make-up routine is a present from family, but there's plenty out there for very low prices, much cheaper than a lipstick. My motto is nude by day and bright by night, it makes more sense to shock and stun your fellow friends with a bold lippy on a night out.

10-The finishing touches

Even though the make-up has finished you still can't go out without your finishing touches. Its like serving a cake without the icing, a pudding without the custard, you just wouldn't feel complete. I know if I had forgotten to put my perfume on there's a sense of disappointment that I can't stride around smelling of Burberry Weekend. Instead there's a sense of anxiety and anger trudging around sticking like a skunk all day, even though I probably showered in the morning. The same goes for hand cream and my personal favourite is the Soap and Glory Hand Food.


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