Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Trend Forecast

2015 has arrived at our door stop, but sometimes we become a little at odds how to greet it. With either a "I'll eat more fruit and veg" or "I'm going to join the gym" these seem to be the obvious and often most broken promises we make to ourselves. Not that you shouldn't be determined to have a goal of becoming more healthy, but aren't there more excitable things out there to get your new year off to a uplifting start? What about promising yourself to stay up to date with fashion trends? What about having a goal to save up for a designer handbag for your end of the year gift to yourself? These might seem pointless resolutions to the ordinary person, but for us fashion folk this makes perfect sense. Why drown yourself in endless celery and protein shakes, when you can kick off the new year with a shop window adventure? 

To help you out, here's some top trends forecast for 2015.
Drop those heels, and put on those flats.
Out goes the window of the question "are you wearing heels?" before an eventful night around the town. Say Goodbye to the bruises and blisters you discover the morning after and Hello to a comfortable easy walk pair of flats. At S/S 2015 Fashion week most of the designers such as Burberry, Chanel and Marchesa involved trainers and tailored shoes like brogues and monk shoes. It's all about the comfort this new year, and that's what we like to hear.
Available at: Zara, Mango, Topshop, Nike, Office

Mad for monochrome

People instantly think black and white is the "boring" and "safe" option, but it's far from that, don't listen to those people! Monochrome has been a strong trend throughout 2014 and is here to stay in 2015, seeing as half of the designers at S/S Fashion Week paraded some kind of black and white colour scheme down their catwalk. Even though the two colours clash being at different sides of the colour chart, they instantly match when put together like a pair of long lost twins. The key trend at the moment is staying tailored and the monochrome colours make you smart and sophisticated straight away. With a neatly cut black blazer and slim white A line dress you can't go wrong. 
New Look, Netaporter, H&M

Sheer bliss

Now that we can finally say Summer is only 6 months away it's time to start preparing for the summer wardrobe. Sheer fabric was a major hit throughout fashion week by over half of the designers as they dyed it, embellished it and cut it in all different shapes. There's nothing they didn't do. The great thing about sheer fabric is the way it can be worn for any occasion. Let me explain, for a summers day on the beach a simple A line sheer dress with block patterns, but for a formal party an elegant embroidered gown to the floor. Whichever you pick you'll be on top of the 2015 trend, just make sure you try it on first. Not because you're unsure of the size, but to make sure it covers the naughty areas, you'll thank me later. Better safe than sorry. 
Netaporter, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, House of Frazer

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