Tuesday, December 22, 2015

All that glitters is not gold, or is it?

It's that time of the year again, the time that seems so far away but creeps up on you so fast that before you know it you're praying for the end of December pay cheque because of your last minute frantic Christmas shopping driving your purse to anorexia. So this is Christmas. Some like it, some don't, but one things for sure we all have to put up with it.

Besides the marathon of Christmas present buying, there's the Christmas outfit buying. It's something we almost seem to forget about as it gets sidelined to the bottom of the list, but surely it should be the number one thing to do. Think about it, a slamming outfit that will impress your work mates, family and friends into thinking you're the hottest and most fashionable person on the planet at that very moment, or would you prefer to worry about buying a present someone is probably going to re-gift? However, I know being the shitty present buyer is never the best reputation to have.

Make your mind up 

When you eventually do wander/ jolt your way into the stores for the Christmas outfits you can't help but see a whole shop wall covered in sequins, glitter and lace with clashing colours of red, navy and green. If you don't want to settle for either of these options then you do have a struggle on your hands- as I found out, turns out even a monochrome dress is hard to come by.

Question is, what is it with sequins and glitter that becomes so acceptable at Christmas time? Yes, we adore it on tree's, but why the necessity to endure a whole outfit like that? Any other time of the year we'd snuff our noses up yelling and brawling at the fact your friend picked it up to look at in the first place, yet at Christmas we seem to have completely the opposite attitude.

Metallics are an obvious choice towards a shimmering dress, especially gold at this time of year. You could choose to embrace your inner mermaid and take a love heart neckline to a whole festive level. Although the most straight talking shift dress shapes are the most striking at times, letting the figure hugging garment do the talking whilst you concentrate on the walking in those ridiculously high heels.

Typical Christmas colours such as reds, greens and navy are beautiful when partnered with lace for that elegant feel. Most importantly, lace is one of those fabrics that always seems to come in and out of fashion throughout the year, so technically purchasing a lace number wouldn't be a wasted investment for one event only.

How to avoid looking like a fairy 

Of course when it comes to Christmas fashion there are rules. If you're opting for the choice of lace, then glitter OR sequin is acceptable (not both!). However, if you want to be the sparkler of the night with a more shiny and upbeat outfit than lace, then please DO NOT MIX sequin and glitter together to avoid looking like you've just done deals with Tinkerbell. Its common sense but also common curtesy to make sure you don't look too out of control. Yes, shimmering outfits are fun but know your limits (just like with those sneaky Christmas cocktails).

Everywhere does them, but where do I buy THE ONE

Net-a-porter have some fabulous designer clothing that will fit right into your Christmas outfit wish list. From lace dresses with a sexy dramatic impact, to bold black twinkling Dolce and Gabbana boots, you're best to get these buys now as they're offering up to 50% off on most Christmas stock, Leaving it last minute does sometimes has it's perks price wise. Fancy something that's not going to break the bank then high street stores New Look, Zara and H&M have many different designs for you to choose from to make you look just as Christmas party ready as something more expensive. Basically you're spoilt for choice, however you know the rules-keep calm and control the sparkles.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Anthropolgie X Lorenzo Duran

For the last semester at University I've had several modules, and one whereby I've had to create a Brand collaboration idea. The individual artist, Lorenzo Duran, with a talent of carving intricate shapes in leaves alongside the London based brand Anthropolgie homeware were what I decided bring together. With both keen lovers of nature and plants I thought these two would go hand in hand.
A concept of products was key to see how whereby the brands could work together to create a whole new idea. The luxurious and natural feel of leather seemed like a great fabric to etch and cut the artists designs onto to create elaborate and expensive products Anthropolgie's consumers are used to. If only this collaboration was real... that lamp would seriously be sitting on my bedside table right now if it did.

With promotion of the brand logo, posters, online presence and packaging, it's an idea that would be all ready to go. You'd be surprised how satisfying it is to make a mini gift bag and box, there are no words.
Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Uni work

Sorry for being away from my blog for so long, I've been so busy with uni deadlines! But to make up for it, I'll post some of my University work for you to see. One of my projects has involved styling up a shoot in the style of Betty Catroux who favours a masculine look with a very minimal colour palette. With inspiration from s/s 16 fashion collections for a modern twist I've managed to achieve a simplistic yet sophisticated model and still life photography shoot. Let me know what you think!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Celebrate Individuality With Styleart

Picture this. You're a buzzing new creative with a bubbling mind full of questionable yet totally unique ideas, but you're at wits end when it comes to getting your designs out there in the public view. Yes, being a creative can be challenging, but Styleart can help you get started and give you that little confidence boost you've so desperately needed. Styleart is an online company which you upload your designs onto T-shirts, bags, home accessories and huge canvases so people can buy your work on whatever product they wish. 20% of all the purchases go to Styleart but apart from that every penny is yours, and by all means, you deserve it!

If you're the more secret creative who just enjoys the odd splurge of artisan then you can upload your designs too. If the creators of Styleart like what they see then your hobby could spark into a career change. Whether it's the accidental spontaneous design you've doodled on a napkin, or the design you've spent weeks planning in advance, give them a try on Styleart and you never know where it will take you.

In all of us we have different tastes, and with Styleart the categories to separate certain types of designs are helpful but also genious when you don't have time to search the site for a full afternoon. With categories like "cute","beach" and "glamorous" prepare yourself for a cuteness overload with animal motifs and sunset scencearies. Of course if you're into the action side of things and just generally don't want a cat coming up in the search options, then "games & cartoons,  "comic" and "galaxy" might interest you more. No matter what age, gender or tastes you're into, you're bound to find something that you could find yourself buying.

As for myself I choose the "drawing" and "graphic" categories for the designs that I believe had the most thought put into them. After finding too many designs I wanted, I finally decided on a drawn horse design with a butchers like denotation to it. Most cleverly the design involved arrows such as a butchers horse drawing would, however the labels intend a pun rather than just showing the horses meat.

Being a fashion student I know for a fact, if you're going all out on a printed T-shirt then it needs to be one you'll wear all the time as they go in and out of fashion so quickly. Due to not wanting to waste the design I purchase,  I found it more sensible to purchase the canvas bag. At a great size, this bag is going to do wonders when I'm walking around Liverpool with all my university sketchbooks. With a printed bag I know for sure  it will match most of my outfits, as with bags you'll find they can go pretty much go with anything, but with a T-shirt you're a little limited to say the least.

Partner the bag with a simple and sopisticated outfit to keep you right on trend, then sling that canvas bag over your shoulder and there you have it. The perfect outfit with that hipster and indie touch of having an up and coming artists design right on your shoulder.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paris Fashion Week S/S 16


Olivier Rousteing, creative director, has boosted Balmain's recognition ever since day one. With a style so distinct in each collection he's succeeded to make Balmain one of the clearest fashion brands to remember. Balmain's stereotypical grid like shaping, use of metallic and silks and deep royal colour pallets are some of the most well known distinctions of his garments. Any designer with this much detail in their collection would surely capture any high fashion lovers dream, but what about the more average spender? Recently it's been advertised that Balmain has collaborated with H&M this year for their yearly high street and designer collab, so luckily for us Balmain will be available on our high streets this November for a much lower price. If the collab is as successful as Karl Lagerfeld with H&M in 2014, then all I'm saying is either queue up outside the shop or keep chopsticks under your eyes to keep awake until it's released online. Back to Fashion Week however, and Balmain's traditional style of rich colour palettes continued. Rich emeralds partnered with mustards became the highlight of the catwalk, and with grid like structures around the skirt encrusted with jewels there's a reason the collections make you feel like royalty.

 Dries Van Noten

Always one to make an impact, and definitely always one to stand out. Dries Van Noten took this collection to a silky and shiny new level. Garments instantly looked 1 million dollars by using silky smooth fabric with elaborate designs that gave every outfit some kind of character and personality. Some shall we say became a little eccentric, yet most outfits showcased the glamour of the silky patterns without clashing or having some kind of silk overload. Silk stereotypically has a soft and draping connotation, when in fact you can manipulate silk to suit whatever kind of needs. Anybody who's used silk will tell you it's one of the hardest and most annoying fabrics to sew, so reshaping and wanting silk for your garments can otherwise be a tricky surgical operation. Dries Van Noten challenged the silk to perform tailored habits and so incorporated it in blazers, shirts and pants.

 Martin Grant

With an almighty use of navy in Grant's collection you could immediately tell this collection was going to be simple and tailored. Personally I've not seen Grant's collections previously, but after seeing his S/S 16 collection it's one of my favourite to date. The proof is in the pudding (or garment) that using simple clashing colour to emphasise a line can make one of the most simple of attires become of the most elegant. This kind of simplicity in garment making reminds you of one of the first woman who accomplished with, Chanel, with her use of black and white lines to highlight the edges of the garments. All these decades later it's become textbook worthy with several designers following the technique to create beautiful and powerful garments. One of the accessories repeated in the collection was the drawstring tie waist belt. S/S 16 has been the Fashion Week of belts, within every fashion city this wasp waist technique has been used again and again. I'm telling you now, stack up on your belts pronto. 

 Maison Rabih Kayrouz

Ahh the baggy T shirt and joggers, we all love it yet find it physically impossible to be brave enough to wear this kind of outfit outside the house. Like some kind of beast let out of its cage we're desperate to keep it behind bars. Now that fashion is becoming more comfortable with trainers and pumps showing no signs of kicking back to the back of the wardrobe any time soon, maybe it's becoming more fashionably acceptable to actually go out in clothes baggy enough to lounge about in. Before you even ask, no the joggers are still a relationship you have to leave at home, sorry. As for oversized T-shirts, blouses and tunics bring them out to experience the world outside your bedroom because bagginess is the new trendiness. Kayrouz is a designer I hadn't seen before, yet her collection immediately appealed to me thorough her use of comfortable cotton fabrics and oversized shapes. With a monochrome colour pallet to match, this collection was pretty much made for me. 

Alexander McQueen

London's VMA museum has only recently just finished a whole exhibition devoted to Mr McQueen himself which showcased beautiful hand crafted work from his collections over his years of success, before and after his suicide. The VMA state it's been the most successful exhibition in its history with extra dates being added due to high demand and tickets selling out almost instantly. With this sudden leap into the limelight once again, McQueen is certainly the design house everyone is most excited  for what on earth they've decided to bring next. We've had it all from collections inspired by butterflies to collections inspired by the future. McQueen never disappoints and manages to shock the audience in whatever way he chose-be it through beauty or going just a little bit crazy. S/S 16 opted for a more beauty element then scaring their wanted buyers. The garments stayed off white and cream and added immaculate detailing through embroidery and reshaping the fabrics to create alluring and textured shapes. Neck lines tended to look little medieval and tumour like bringing a very authoritative style whilst the feminine choice of white juxtaposed the whole look. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Milan Fashion Week S/S 2016


Floaty and feminine are words that instantly spring to mind for Blumarine's S/S collection. With silhouette becoming more casual and comfy the fabrics chosen were lighter, looser and more transparent. Many of the designs stayed simple with only a slight texture or detail of florals or stripes. Personally the all in one white outfits are my favourite which have been featured this season as a fashion must, so keep all your whites clear of any fake tan lines, you'll be needing them for the summer as well as the winter so look after them. For some, this may confuse and puzzle you why on earth you'd want to wear white in the winter as well as the summer? Well for one, it's very feminine wearing a light colour so you can still wear androgynous shapes and male tailoring without looking too Maggie Thatcher.


Granny chic is a trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment. For winter it's all about the pussy-bow blouse and the full knit skirt, which most certainly would make granny proud if you turned up on a Sunday dinner like a reflection of your Granny's wardrobe. Lets face it, it's obvious any grandmother would prefer their grand daughter in a fully buttoned top right up to the neckline rather than a risky crop top. Meanwhile on Gucci's catwalk, the granny shapes and clothing habits kept on coming, but certainly didn't keep to their favoured dull colour pallet. Gucci clashed almost every outfit, yet even though it was such a mis-match of pattern they kind of ended up matching together in a strange post modernist way. A Japanese patterned skirt with a pastel pink girly blouse? What's not to like.

 Jil Sander

With all designers focusing on clothing at fashion week we forget one of the most important things about summer- the summer hat and accessories. Of course it seems to have taken a step backwards over the last few years but for people like myself the summer hat is a god send if you don't fancy applying sun cream on top of your head like some kind of daytime shampoo, unless you want that greasy sticky hair kind of approach.  Jill Sander sent every model out onto the catwalk with a summer hat. With none fuss and a simple shape the hat did and said as it was told, to protect our fragile scalps from that blistering sun (if you're not in England), and looked fantastic to wear (as a typical summer hat should be). Sander's finished off every outfit to a T and managed to make the collection that little more memorable by gifting every model with a hat. As for the clothing it was straight, simple and tailored. The only thing that added a little more risk to the collection was the mustard PVC coat. Everything else was mostly smart and easy, which to be honest, is the way we like it best. Correct?

 Luisa Beccaria

Florals upon florals upon florals. Of course, what did we expect for S/S collections, but Luisa made floral patterns an ongoing theme throughout her whole collection, whether it be for the evening gowns or the party dresses everything included a delicate flower. Decades that instantly spring to mind (pardon the pun) for her inspiration are the 30s and 40s. Those puffed out sleeves, those huge brimmed hats and that long sleeved leotard number are screaming with 30s inspiration. Luisa incorporated packs of detail in some of her garments which remind you of a more Edwardian characteristic with the overpowerment of lace and high necklines. The colour pallet kept girly without becoming too candy floss and ice cream as she partnered purples and greens for most of her collections reminding me of a more Secret Garden inspiration.

Emilio Pucci

Anyone who recalls completing a textiles degree, A level or even GCSE would remember the ongoing battle of sewing together battered pieces of materials to produce a strange yet abstract and interesting sample someone could engage with, and quite often send up stroking. Well, for some reason (I don't know if I'm the only one) Emilio Pucci's collection reminds me of just that. Some of his garments became obvious he'd taken inspiration from the fishing harbours as some clothing included a full on fish motif, whilst others tangled with the ropes twisted around the bodice for such a complex look it looks sketchbook sample ready. As for his more safe and realistic attires he chose to clash stripes with rich tones of blue and red for a royal and elegant connotation yet still gave a waterfall look to the fabric for that laid back style.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

London Fashion Week S/S 2016

Burberry Prorsum

With Burberry being the only fashion house having a full Snapchat story to document their whole show they needed to pull out all the stops to have fashion and non-fashion lovers clicking every second on that story. A light and bright glasshouse proved the perfect location for the show which included seating in the centre for a live full piece band to play, perfect setting and most perfectly British. With the FROW being one of the most impressive at LFW with Kate Moss, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Sienna Miller taking a perch next to each other. The collection stayed true to Burberry's traditional trench coat shapes along with their new and improved trade mark of patterned details. Lace and laser cut material was the epitome of the collection with garments including light shades of canary yellow to dark bold black. Hemlines stayed short and sexy with the frame keeping a 60s silhouette with a simple shift dress. With a collection complete with so much detail and contrasting colours, it's no wonder this vibrant collection was Snapchat story worthy. 

 Emilia Wickstead

This year has been London's most packed for new and upcoming designers. The schedule included rising stars like Daks, Molly Goddard and Osman. Vogue recently covered a spread story involving current new designers and Emilia Wickstead was one of the main favourites to watch out for. Wickstead's signature style usually keeps to an oversized shape focusing on a 50s silhouette and her recent collection continued naturally to show aspects of her trademark style. With full circle skirts and shirt dresses with mammoth sized collars, the bigger was clearly the better in Wickstead's mind. As for her pattern and print, wickstead advanced her natural gain way of working to create contemporary modern prints that resemble a Mondrian way of working.


With Alexa Chung having an almighty obsession with wearing Erdem for many of her events it wasn't surprising when she was on the FROW. One of the reasons Alexa choses this designer over many others is because how uniquely British it is of course. Erdem himself always focuses on using floral motifs and embroidery matched with the colour scheme of a dark palette making the garments instantly dramatic and seductive. However, it's most likely that you'd pick a dark floral for you autumn wardrobe, yet Erdem challenges this by bringing this palette into S/S 2016. As for the details, the victorian masterpiece of a pussybow blouse tie neckline was involved in several positions around the garments to add that sudden edge and an even more grungy appeal. Layers and ruffles of silky thin fabric later and you've got the ideal delicate dress you'd die to wear for the summer months. 


This is most certainly a look that is one of my favourites from LFW, the tie waist, knot waist whatever you wanna call it waist. Looking straight at this collection you'd associate this with the minimalism trend, yet the details of these garments make them far from minimal. With more belts, ties and criss crossing knots than a straight jacket these garments gave attention to the texture and finer details we're all looking for. This amount of knotting converts the style of minimalism tailoring to a laid back sports chic look, especially when partnered with trainers or pumps. We can see in the designer shops already for A/W 2015 this kind of tie waist trend is already kicking off from the starting line, but by summer we'll be knotting everything we can layer onto our outfits. Not only is this a trend I've already tried and loved but if you want an emergency jumper on hand for those unpredictable September temperatures then knotting it to your waist like a school girl is the most stylish thing to do. FACT.

Mary Katrantzou

With a name most people can barely pronounce or even spell, Mary Katrantzou has already made the impact with such a unique name for a selling point. We'll just call you Mary K, K? One of her trademarks is being noticed for her insanely amount of detail she can pack into one dress, whether it be floral or tribal printing if there's room for it she'll cram it in. This would lead you to think her clothes are probably over the top and too eccentric to even think about wearing, although for some reason Mary K manages to make them extremely realistic for the fashion of the street. For her S/S 2016 collection she kept to her routes giving as much attention to detail to one dress as to another, and with a darker colour palette of purples and blues this collection took to the darker side of Mary K's creativity. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

New York fashion week S/S 2016

 Jason Wu

Once upon a collection ago, the A/W 2015 fashion collections showed a hint of Victorian inspiration running throughout the shows as pussy-bow blouses and pie crust necklines were spotted at various designers collection, and now they're becoming a major trend for this winter. The Victorian vibe however doesn't stop there. Jason Wu incorporated the fancy and eccentric dress of the Victorian era in his new S/S 2016 collection. Ruffles upon ruffles of it as a matter of fact. Be it a tie belt coat or a classic skater dress, Wu gathered every hemline to add that delicate and bouncy shaping that will certainly make you look fabulous spinning on the dance floor, however walking down the street in a flared skirt complete with matching flared shoulders is a step too far for most. Of course he stuck to some of his original shapes with slim fit dresses and peg legged trousers which we appreciate most from his collection, but everything was topped off with a criss cross sandal no matter how straight or ruffled the garment. 

 Michael Kors

The wasp waist. Probably something you don't like the thought of, and maybe (if you're like me) result to wafting the air in fear of a wasp coming close just by hearing the phrase, but don't worry it's just the shape of their waists the fashion folk are after. Indeed, many of the collections found the shape of the wasp waist buzzing it's way down their runways. Michael Kors sent nearly every model down the catwalk with a belt on, whether it's was a D ring, fabric tie or a super oversized belt you could pass as a cowboy. If you can picture the garments without the belt they would almost lack shape and lustre, just adding that thin strip of fabric can really enhance your silhouette as well as adding the extra finishing touch you need for your stylish summer attire. The collections were belted up and ready for harsher summer weather as cardigans, coats and jumpers appeared down the catwalk for a collection us Brits can actually relate to for a summer we can only understand too well.


A lesser known designer at NY fashion week was Milly. Usually known for her sportswear she now mixed things up a little with this summer collection she paraded down the catwalk. We all know that the light blue crisp shirt is a must for this winter and it seems this cotton fabric and colour palette is continuing into the summer months, but this time with little bit of a twist. Instead of that basic blouse we all have by now, Milly decided to cut it up a little exposing the shoulders for a perfect updated shape. Among her other garments the main element she kept to was keeping things loose yet tidy at the same time. With floating flared layers of fabric in the skirts, and tops taking a characteristic from the peplum,the whole silhouette had a smart yet laid back approach. This is minimalism taken to a whole new level of experimental shaping and I'm taken.

 Naeem Khan

The designer that never disappoints. The designer that always embraces different patterns and never fails to shock us with his impressive eye for details. Naeem Khan is a dark horse. Although to some he isn't well known, he's one of the most impressive designers at fashion week. This collection transports us to a whole range of different places and feelings, with pattern and colours ranging from a delicate canary yellow dress resembling a light yellow rose, to an eyebrow raising contrasting stripe number. Whatever mood you want Naeem will take you there. Up for girly and sweet? Not a problem Naeem will cater you with a skater skirt floral design. More into a sexy and elegant style? Naeem will cover you in silk from head to toe. If there's a box for diversity to check, then Naeem has easily done it.

Tory Burch

With collections in the past with a punchy and military theme, her newest collection gives a much more soft and gentle approach to the summer fashions. With a colour palette keen on white's and light shades there was hardly a darker colour in sight. Burch kept the garments clean and simple letting the shapes and patterns to do the talking. Either with complicated lace details resembling a laser cut fabric, or a symmetric  pattern with fine soft, elegant detail nothing went over the top. One of the best things about Burch's collection is that you could see yourself wearing this day to day, formal or informal, her realistic thinking is priceless. Personally, the tight tops partnered with the looser bottoms and skirts makes these outfits worth buying (or copying).

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Struggling with the finishing touches? Call Mother Nature.

As you delicately wander through the intertwining vibrant green leaves you’ll be able to see the cluster of cacti just in the distance forming a cactus city skyline. Now, if we carry on towards the right, (oh do watch out for those thorns, I’m sorry I should have warned you about those) you can just faintly see the soft and bouncy texture of the plant hanging from mid air, rustling ever so slightly in the breeze. Take a moment to breathe in and inhale the smell of nature with the satisfying dirt of the soil. If you believe you’ve started reading the wrong article, then please let me tell you that you are indeed on the right page, for this isn’t a descriptive nature talk about the great outdoors, it’s exactly the opposite of that. Welcome to my bedroom.

Of course, just like fashion, we’re going to have different tastes with interiors. Whether you like rustic, industrial modern or nautical cottage you can adapt to include indoor plants in any surrounding as long as you accompany them in the correct manner. Obviously some of you wouldn’t dream of having plants in your house apart from the odd bunch of flowers that were only received as a gift in the first place, but for those of you that would like a little green in your home then a trip to your local garden center might just open your inner interior design eyes.

For an interior designer clearly the colour scheme is key, but there’s nothing that makes the character of a room quite like accessories. Designer’s favourites are bookcases, lamps and plants so why are we leaving 1 out of the 3 out, we need to bring back nature into our homes and follow the designer’s advice.

In fact, the trend of the moment is having some kind of indoor plant in your home, but you may think, like many other trends they die out (no pun intended for the life of the plants there) for something else to come into fashion, but is this a trend here to stay? I would say definitely, seeing as many of us are opting for a healthier and de-stress lifestyle. That’s one reason why the adult colouring trend has taken the book stores by a storm, and what better way to colour than next to a calming indoor jungle.

One option of housing indoor plants is by hanging them from the ceiling giving a bohemian personality to the room. Urban outfitters have been going hanging plant crazy selling ready made pots complete with colourful strings, as well as modern geometric shaped structures to suit your more modern interiors. Although these come at a hefty price you can always make your own with a yarn of string and a few plant pots, that will certainly keep you entertained on a Sunday afternoon. Given that you’re hanging a plant from the ceiling in the first place it’s pretty evident you want to make a statement, so the best plants to add a sensational effect are spider and dracaena plants. Their blooming green colours of dark and light shades liven a room up whilst their shooting branches add all the drama you need. If they grow (or in other words if you look after them), their leaves should start to fall elegantly over the pot for a stunning effect no petty plastic plant could achieve.

Tacky big plants in a Doctors surgery are what might spring to mind for some when we mention indoor plants. All you can visuailse is a plant that’s grown immeasurably out of control yet is slumped into a corner like a dog being restricted in a cage. It’s one of those strange and questionable situations when you’re told it’s a real breathing plant but you can’t but help think you’re being lied to for the leaves are so undernourished they shine like plastic. I’m sure we’ve all noticed a battered plant like this in our time, often leading us to look away in disgust and wishing that there was some type of plant recuse line to call.  Please don’t let that boring Doctors surgery put you off plants because even the big and wacky plants can look fantastic in a Zen and bohemian inspired interior. Position a snake plant or a mother in law’s tongue in the corner of the room and watch the thick and bulky leaves grow into an urban landscape that will add character to any space of the room.

Easy-peasy plants which take basically no looking after are the evident favourties and that’s why cacti are everywhere you look at the moment. Whether it’s in a cafĂ©, visual merchandising in a shop or just on the window ledge in your home, you can’t go anywhere these days without bumping into one. Particularly cacti in miniature sets of 3 are something every supermarket is getting hold of in their floral section as more and more of us are realising and appreciating the trend of the cactus as we let more spikey haired friends into our homes than ever before. A question you’ll probably keep asking yourself is why a cactus? But why not? It’s quirky, comes in all sorts of shapes and even sometimes grows flowers on the top for that little feminine touch. Other miniscule and individual plants taking pride of place in our homes are jade’s, fly catcher’s and bonzi trees. Take your pick or merely involve them all, just don’t go stroking those cacti yeah.

Whether I’ve convinced you or not to welcome some nature into your home, I hope you take a trip in your local garden center, or even a supermarket for that matter just for a little peep of what plants they have to offer. Think of it this way, if you can’t keep a pet then these are the next thing close to that, you feed them weekly and watch them grow, so you can’t get much closer than that. Cover your shelves or your ceiling perhaps, it’s up to you where you display them. Nevertheless I’m sure Tarzan will be swinging soon.