Saturday, October 4, 2014

S/S 2015: Milan Fashion Week


"And cut". Probably the only thing being shouted in the Versace's S/S 2015 collection's studio as nearly every garment had been cut through giving strange patterns and shapes. Some were simple cuts to show more flesh through the garment, yet others aimed for a depth in pattern by laser cutting the fabric in a small and intricate design. It seems that the skirt length is rising upwards and going back to the 60s style and shape for a simple silhouette. Even though the designs are simple, it doesn't mean to say they're any less outstanding than other designers. Keeping it easy with a small pattern on waistlines and shoulders can give the piece all it needs to grab the attention of the fashion press and fashion lovers of today.

 Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana showcased us with a lot of surprise this fashion week. They're known for their floral designs in their many collections and their intricate detail, and this collection showcased the same but with a hint of surprise. Their collection used the theme of Spanish bull fighting, and almost transports us back in time to when it was most popular, you can almost here the ah of the audience as the bull charges towards the red fabric. The embellishment is always a key part of Dolce and Gabbana's garments, and this time they've managed to take inspiration of the bull fighters costume such as the belt which appears on the models. The high waisted kicker pants are also a fine image of the bull fighter which appears on the models as they stampede down the catwalk together. Even though bull fighting is all about being forceful and daring, Dolce and Gabbana took a popular and delicate choice in some of their garments through using sheer fabrics and cape shapes. The bull fighter may be tough but couldn't live without a little feminist touch of sheer fabric. 


Fendi's S/S 2015 collection presented us with many different styles on the collection through patterns, dip dye and cut out shapes. The patterned orchild dress modelled perfectly by Cara Delevingne educated us with Fendi's inspiration from several flowers for Spring. From small orchilds to huge orchilds, Fendi applied many to the designs making their collection bolder by working with bigger shapes. For a more unusual style, just take a glance at the dip dyed garments in grey. Now wouldn't you usually associate dip dye with fun and hippie styled colours such as pinks and greens? Who would ever think of using greys? But I'l tell you one thing. It works! The use of grey and white keeps a subtle palette, and the fringing effect from cutting the garment makes it even more delicate through the movement. A step away from the bold and harsh tie dye we're used to, and it's defiantly a good thing. Thank you Fendi!

 Giorgio Armani

Subtle, grace and beauty. All you need to put on a magnificent show at fashion week. The neutral colours by Giorgio Armani gave an immediate delicacy to his work that was easy on the eye. Add some sheer fabric and soft flowing movement and you've got a blur of a catwalk right in front of you. Even the pattern showcased on several garments blends effortlessly into a neutral colour scheme to keep things soft and delicate. This collection, simple may it be, is one of my favourites from the beauty of layering one simple colour in different tones. Who said grey was a boring colour to wear? 


Milan had presented us with very different catwalks and presentations, with all the designers having a different influence behind their collection. With an Edwardian inspirational theme, Prada seemed to stand out the most. It's as though Prada had taken us back in time as the garments texture, colours and shapes seemed historical in their design such as the navy coats and green dress which resemble a kind of tapestry. This kind of detailing is what brought Prada's show to it's climax. The dark colour scheme of browns, blues and greens stayed throughout the show giving a harmonious colour pallet to the collection. The single breasted and double berated coats have been tailored to such grace that I'm positive that the high street shops will start to copy this look next year on the high street, and if they don't then I'm simply going to have to either hunt something down similar in a charity shop or miss the summer holiday to save up for that coat because i simply, NEED IT!

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