Thursday, October 30, 2014

Company Magazine: October edition

My Company Magazine collection has got to the point of taking over my entire room, piling its way up to the ceiling that there's miniature pillars made of magazines. Unfortunately, the pillars won't be growing any taller as Company Magazine is being printed no longer and will only be available online *sigh*. There is the argument that more publications are being moved to the internet, but there's the satisfaction of touching the glossy paper, smelling the new book like scent and being able to feel special with free samples.

Anyway, enough of the sadness, lets talk trends. We know all about the layering trend for Autumn with scarves and blankets that Burberry gave us inspiration for, but what about the traditional styles?

One of the shapes that designers embraced a lot during A/W 2014 fashion week was the A line skirts and dresses which are most identified with the mod 60s look. For the perfect mod inspired outfit you've got to take monochrome to a whole new level with boxy shapes, block patterns and bold white collars. To top it al off either take a tailored trench coat or the favourite thats a toasty parka. I'm not going to lie, it does prove harder for girls to dress for 60s fashion due to the popular Pretty Green stores only selling menswear, but seeing as the mainstream are taking on a bit of the 60s it will prove a little easier for you to pop down to the high street and find something you like. Saying all this, you don't want to look like you've just transported through time machine from the 60s being completely over the top, so be aware that sometimes a little can say a lot. 

Knowing that the next edition of Company Magazine would have been the Halloween edition which makes me a little disappointed because the make up tutorials for Halloween monsters were one of a kind. Victoria White you've done this magazine proud, and I'll miss the monthly routine of searching forever more for Company on the shelves. Question is, which magazine of i start collecting to ale my next pillar? 

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  1. we've been in love with neutral pieces at the moment, so we really like that coat!

    M + K