Monday, September 29, 2014

S/S 2015: London Fashion Week


"Florals for Spring, groundbreaking". With the wise words from literary fictions Miranda, of Runway magazine, it's fairly clear that florals are bound to be appearing left, right and centre over the S/S Fashion week. Ederm took the floral pattern to new levels, and when I say levels I literally mean levels as many of the garments took a 3D approach. With a mixture of sheer delicate fabric against dark colours and a mass of feather gave a real richness to the look of the garments. By doing this Erdem creates unusual layering technique and holes through the garment to create a very textural piece. One of the most beautiful designs shows a greenhouse structure behind the floral patterns, which shows how Erdem's inspiration from this collection has not just come from the average potted plant, but from across the whole of the garden.

 Julian Macdonald

Julian Macdonald is one of those designers who you can't help but like. Through his wide market of high end fashion to shops in the high street, such as Debenhams, it's obvious that all of us has seen a little of Julian before. From his TV appearances we've gained to like him even more through his hilarious personality, but what we like about him the most is his fashion collections. In fact, one of the most beautiful collections I've seen in London Fashion week has to be Juilen's. The length and pattern on his garments are realistic for the public to use on a day to day basis or for evening wear, again giving him the upper hand with the wider audience as he takes into account what the public want rather than fantasise. The busy detailed pattern and bright airy colours give the collection a bright and engaging appearance. The high neck lines and equal, symmetry of the pattern allow his garments to become even more sophisticated.  Fashion at it's best, Juilen you've done it again.

 J.W Anderson

Oversized floppy hats have been flying their way around this summer as one of the main trends, we've seen them across high street and designer stores, so why not at Fashion week? J.W Anderson took on the fashion accessory that once was the most important piece in a woman's wardrobe. Hats used to be what we have now as the shoe-aholic population we are today. So even though summer is over don't frisbee that hat away just yet, keep hold of it for next Spring (I'm sure you're used to it on a windy summers day). J.W Anderson made the hats brim come down to the shoulders giving off quite an Egyptian fantasy look. In fact his whole collection was more obsessed with the shapes rather than the colours, as his colour palette stayed quite neutral. Even though subtle tones like camel, white and black were used, J.W Anderson challenges this with his use of chains, harsh knots and ties in his garments to bring a harsh and blunt shape. If I'm hearing a chain rattling whilst someone walks behind me in Spring, I'm blaming it on Anderson. 


With high end models parading up and down the catwalk for Marchesa, the Instagram likes were going through the roof as models such as Georiga May Jagger appeared in a white ruffle dress. It's the tradition that florals are for Spring and by all means stick to it let those flowers grow! Many different colour schemes were revealed by Marchesa, however the size of the floral patterns stayed quite similar allowing it not too bold or in your face, letting the colours do the talking rather than the pattern as Marchesa tend to like fine details in their work similar to Valentino. From mid lengths, playsuits and elegant gowns, Marchesa included almost every type of gown you could want, allowing each garment to be a little different. Like over 50% of the designers at Fashion week, Marchesa crafted gowns out of the popular sheer fabric by layering different lengths together and working with embroidery on top for a garment packed full of detail.

From Burberry's 2014 A/W show blanket capes were the highlight of the catwalk and have taken over the high street this Christmas and have become a massive trend this winter. From this stonker of a show, Burberry's S/S 2015 show couldn't let us down, and I'd keep an eye on this collection if I were you because by the blink of an eye it will be Summer once again and Burberry's new garments most probably be appearing on our high streets (in a cheaper form obviously). One of Burberry's baby's (in a way) Suki Waterhouse always makes sure she shows her face on the Burberry catwalk as campaigning for Burberry for the past earned her the model profile she has today. Thanks to that fringe she's easily recognisable with her mod and vintage inspired fashion choices. Moving back to the collection, the beauty climax has to be the dip dyed effect on the sheer fabric which has been given a pleated shape for more texture. Sheer fabric seems to be sheer bliss. 

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